Analog Photography Meets Ballet in David Teran’s Stunning New Book “Hasselblad Ballet”

Hasselblad Ballet by David Teran

Hasselblad Ballet by David Teran
Elle Macy, photographed by David Teran from "Hasselblad Ballet"

Elle Macy, photographed by David Teran from “Hasselblad Ballet”

Mackenzie Richter, photographed by David Teran from "Hasselblad Ballet"

Mackenzie Richter, photographed by David Teran from “Hasselblad Ballet”

Fine art photographer David Teran releases his captivating analog photography book celebrating ballet’s grace and elegance. Available now for purchase.

SAN ANTONIO , TX, US, May 30, 2024 / — Fine art photographer David Teran officially announces the release of his captivating analog photography book, “Hasselblad Ballet.” Thanks to resounding support for his successful Kickstarter campaign last year, “Hasselblad Ballet” is captivating audiences with its celebration of the grace and elegance inherent in ballerinas.

At the core of this endeavor lies Teran’s unique approach to photography: “Hasselblad Ballet” is the marriage of analog technology with the grace and timeless beauty of ballet. The result is a quirky and whimsical product that yields results that make one’s heart sing. Utilizing the iconic Hasselblad 500C/M camera, Teran captures the essence of ballet in a manner that is both arresting and evocative. Each photograph is a testament to his dedication to analog craftsmanship, with every moment made permanent using a single roll of black-and-white film per photoshoot.

“I’m grateful for the interest in the Hasselblad Ballet project,” expresses Teran. “It’s truly an honor to witness people from around the world embracing and believing in this project, and now the accompanying book.”

This exquisite coffee table book features over 150 extraordinary ballerinas, presenting ballet through a refreshingly unique and imaginative perspective. Teran has collaborated with esteemed ballerinas, including cover girl Isabella Boylston, and principal dancers from renowned ballet companies such as the American Ballet Theatre, Paris Opera Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, and others.

In pursuit of these images, Teran has traversed an impressive 350,000 miles, visiting over 50 cities and 19 countries over the course of the project. He has meticulously crafted 3,360 images from 280 rolls of film, culminating in 250 final selections that pay homage to the artistry of analog photography and ballet alike.

The artistic direction of “Hasselblad Ballet” is guided by Sofiane Sylve, the Artistic Director of Ballet San Antonio, ensuring that the utmost reverence is given to the art form throughout this exceptional project.

Teran is excited to announce that the eagerly anticipated “Hasselblad Ballet” book is now available for purchase at $85. This beautifully crafted volume showcases over 250 mesmerizing analog photographs, capturing the grace and elegance of ballerinas worldwide.

For those seeking an even more immersive experience, the Limited Edition Box Set is available for $250. This carefully curated set features the “Hasselblad Ballet” book, signed, along with a beautiful linen cloth clamshell box. It’s a true collector’s item for those who appreciate the finer aspects of artistic expression and is limited to 150 copies. Included is a traditional, hand-crafted gelatin silver 8″x10″ contact sheet. This unique fiber paper sheet, personally created by Teran, carries the essence of the photographic process. What makes this contact sheet special is its origin; it is derived from the roll of film that captured Isabella Boylston, the cover ballerina herself, and Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre.

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