A Novel That Travels Through the Emotional Journey of the Vietnam War

Vietnam, 1968.

A Vietnam War story based on actual accounts of a young boy who quickly became a man as a Marine and was deployed to fight in 1968.

An eye-opening account of what soldiers endure, not just physically but emotionally. I couldn’t put it down.”

— Verified Amazon Reviewer

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — John Reeg, a United States Marine and Vietnam veteran, is proud to announce his latest novel, My Senior Trip, is garnering 5-star reviews and potential movie buzz. This compelling story offers a unique perspective on the Vietnam War, focusing on the emotional toll and personal growth experienced by those who served.

Set in 1968, My Senior Trip follows Howard Carson, a young man from a small town in Indiana who, uncertain about his future, enlists in the United States Marine Corps. Within six months, Howard is deployed to Vietnam, where he quickly learns the harsh realities of war. Reeg’s narrative dives deep into the emotional and psychological challenges faced by soldiers, moving beyond traditional war stories centered on strategy and battles.

“Friends shot or blown to pieces and being splattered with their blood. Carrying a wounded Marine to the helicopter while under heavy fire. Being on patrol during the monsoons. Leeches, tigers, mosquitoes, and snakes. Booby traps and guerilla warfare. A relentless and determined enemy. What Howard and others had to do, and how they dealt with the fear, the anger, and the pain,” shares Reeg about the gripping scenes from his book.

As Howard transitions from the battlefield to college life in the early 70s, he encounters new struggles. Despite serving his country, he faces hostility and violence from anti-war advocates, depicting the turbulent era and contrasting societal attitudes towards veterans.

My Senior Trip has received high praise from readers who appreciate its raw and honest portrayal of war and its aftermath. Here are some five-star reviews from Amazon:

–”A powerful read that captures the raw emotion and harsh realities of war. Howard’s journey is both heart-wrenching and inspiring.” – Verified Amazon Reviewer

–”John Reeg’s storytelling brings the Vietnam War to life in a way that few books can. This is a must-read for anyone interested in personal stories of courage and resilience.” – Verified Amazon Reviewer

–”An eye-opening account of what soldiers endure, not just physically but emotionally. I couldn’t put it down.” – Verified Amazon Reviewer

John D. Reeg served with the 3rd Force Reconnaissance in 1969, one of the Marine Corps’ most elite fighting forces. After his military service, he pursued a degree in Physical Education and Health at Oklahoma State. Reeg dedicated over 30 years to teaching and coaching gymnastics. Today, he operates a senior fitness program in Dallas, TX, and hopes readers will connect with the heartfelt journey depicted in My Senior Trip.

My Senior Trip can be purchased online on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, or Barnes and Noble.

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