Travera and Genetic Alliance Join Forces to Expand Access to Innovative Cancer Treatment

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Travera’s Rapid Therapy Guidance Test offers personalized cancer treatment options: a remarkable turnaround time, supported by a cancer innovation community

The partnership between Travera, Genetic Alliance, and Luna is a testament to the power of collaboration to improve cancer treatment and pave the way for its widespread adoption in cancer care.”

— Sharon F. Terry, CEO, Genetic Alliance

DAMASCUS, MD, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2023/ — Travera, a leading cancer research company and Genetic Alliance, a network of organizations committed to empowering people to be the catalyst to drive precision medicine, have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to help validate the predictive value of the new Travera test. The Rapid Therapy Guidance Test moves beyond traditional trial-and-error methods to assess the efficacy of various drugs and treatments for cancer patients by testing live cancer cells outside the patient’s body against FDA-approved drugs. With a two-day turnaround, this cutting-edge technology precisely measures each drug’s effectiveness, helping doctors determine the most promising treatment options and empowering cancer patients with the information they need to regain control over their treatment plans.

To support this and other innovations in cancer, Genetic Alliance has assembled a Cancer Innovation Community on Luna to enable patient advocacy groups and individuals access to and feedback for new oncology interventions and therapies. The Luna platform provides the processes and mechanisms for individuals to control their own data and grant access to it for research that matters to them.

The partnership between Travera, Genetic Alliance, and Luna is a testament to the power of collaboration in the quest to improve cancer treatment and pave the way for its widespread adoption in cancer care.

By validating the efficacy of this breakthrough technology, the three organizations aim to revolutionize the way cancer patients are treated, offering hope and empowerment in the face of uncertainty.

For more information about the Travera test and the Cancer Innovation Community, or to gain early access to this breakthrough cancer drug testing technology, participate in our upcoming webinar. Register here. Also, visit or contact Dennis Watson, Vice President of Business Development, [email protected] for more information.

To register to be considered for the test, click here.

About Travera:

Travera is a cancer research and clinical testing company focused on developing innovative technologies to improve cancer treatment outcomes. Their proprietary Rapid Therapy Guidance Test, developed at MIT, represents a significant advancement in personalized cancer care, enabling patients and their care teams to quickly identify the most effective treatment options based on individual cancer profiles.

Genetic Alliance:

Genetic Alliance is a collaborative network of organizations dedicated to improving cancer treatment and care. The Genetic Alliance fosters connections between researchers, healthcare providers, patients, and advocacy groups through its cancer innovation community to accelerate cancer research and therapy advancements. For more information, visit

About LunaPBC

LunaPBC is a public benefit corporation headquartered in San Diego, California. With participation from over 180 countries and communities advancing causes including disease-specific, public health, environmental, and emerging interests, Luna’s tools and services empower these collectives to gather a wide range of data — health records, lived experience, disease history, genomics, and more — to advance research that addresses their unique health needs. Luna makes research representative of the real world and aligned with people’s true goals by giving all participants a role from right where they are. For more information, visit

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