TLC Expands to U.S. Market with Innovative Bedding, Focusing on Ease and Comfort

Brothers and their dog Murphy enjoy the ultimate comfort of their innovative bedding, bringing a touch of laid-back luxury to the everyday.

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Australian-born TLC Revolutionizes U.S. Bedding with Easy-to-Use, Hygienic, Bamboo-Cotton Sets

SUNSHINE COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, February 1, 2024 / — The Lad Collective (TLC), pioneered by Australian brothers Bill and Ed Ovenden, is redefining the concept of bed-making in American homes with its unique and practical bedding solutions. Known for enhancing sleep quality, cleanliness, and overall well-being, TLC has become a frontrunner in the global shift towards wellness-focused lifestyle choices, merging comfort with convenience.

Bill Ovenden explains, “Our aim has always been to improve our customers’ lives through better sleep. With TLC, we’re not just creating bedding; we’re fostering healthier habits and environments.” Ed Ovenden adds, “As the bedroom transforms into a sanctuary of health and wellness, especially in these times, our products play a crucial role in that evolution.”

TLC’s innovative bedding set is a testament to their commitment to improving routine, sleep, and hygiene. Characterized by intuitive designs such as labeled corner straps on the fitted sheet and a center logo on the top sheet, these features significantly ease the bed-making process. Additionally, the luxury blend of bamboo and cotton not only enhances the comfort but also contributes to better sleep hygiene with its natural, breathable properties.

Since their launch in August 2020 in Australia, TLC has seen an impressive response, achieving 15 million AUD in sales with 47,000 orders. This success has extended to the U.S. market, with TLC garnering 600,000 USD in gross sales and 2,500 orders since their launch in August 2023.

“The simplicity and luxury of TLC’s bedding have transformed my daily routine. The labeled straps and center logo make bed-making effortless, and the bamboo-cotton blend is pure comfort,” says Olivia R. from Brisbane.

“I was drawn to TLC’s commitment to practical luxury. Their bedding has not only improved my sleep quality but also made bed-making a breeze,” shares Mike L. from Chicago.

Originally focused on men’s bedding needs, TLC has expanded its vision to include all individuals, promoting positive behavioral changes across demographics. “The pride our customers, both in Australia and the U.S., take in their bedrooms is a real difference-maker in their lives,” Ed shares.

A sleep specialist from the Sleep Foundation highlights the importance of TLC’s approach, stating, “A well-made bed is the foundation of good sleep hygiene, leading to better health and productivity. TLC’s bedding makes this essential routine both simple and enjoyable.”

Inspired by Admiral William H. McRaven’s philosophy on the significance of making your bed, TLC’s bedding sets are more than just a product; they are a catalyst for a better start to the day. With their successful track record in Australia and growing presence in the U.S., TLC is set to make a significant impact on sleep routines worldwide.

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