The Vitality Booth Scientific Wellness System Receives U.S. Patent

Vitality Booth

The Vitality Booth, a scientific wellness system that combines red light therapy and halotherapy, was issued a U.S. patent on November 21, 2023.

The patented Vitality Booth scientific wellness system is proving to be a game-changer in the health and wellness industry. The new Vitality Booth Plus models takes the product line to another level.”

— Steve Spiro

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2023 / — The Vitality Booth is the only wellness product in the world that combines red light therapy and halotherapy (salt inhalation) in one environment. The combination of the two therapies interact with each other making both the red light and the halotherapy components better together than they are individually. The science behind the Vitality Booth, which draws on studies conducted by NASA, has been years in the making.

“When we first came up with the scientific wellness system inside each Vitality Booth we immediately filed for patent-protection,” said Brier. “The actual process of obtaining the patent took almost 4-years and we are pleased to officially have been granted a patent on the Vitality Booth,” added Brier.

The first Vitality Booth was installed over 3-years ago inside World Gym Pensacola, a fitness facility owned by co-inventor Ed Weihenmayer. The Pensacola area World Gym locations now has 7 Vitality Booths in operation. “As an inventor it has been exciting to watch the Vitality Booth become popular all across the country, and internationally too,” said Weihenmayer. “As the owner / operator of a wellness business that has Vitality Booths installed in our facilities it has been extremely rewarding to see the health benefits our members have experienced while using the Vitality Booths,” added Weihenmayer.

The Vitality Booth product line is available for sale exclusively through HaloTherapy Solutions, America’s leading supplier of halotherapy equipment. Hundreds of Vitality Booths have been sold to date to wellness centers, fitness centers, chiropractors, and other synergistic businesses. Stand alone Vitality Booth Wellness Centers have also opened in various locations across the United States, including Las Vegas, NV, Estero Beach, FL and Missoula, MT.

Steve Spiro, the CEO of HaloTherapy Solutions, says “The Vitality Booth product line has become one of our top selling products. Having the only wellness system in the world that can combine red light therapy and halotherapy in a single session has transformed the wellness industry in many ways. Now that the patent has officially been granted we expect to see tremendous demand and growth of the Vitality Booth product line in the U.S. and internationally.”

HaloTherapy Solutions recently announced the launch of the Vitality Booth Plus line. The Vitality Booth Plus line delivers 3 times more red light compared to the original Vitality Booth, and it also features un upgraded halogenerator that produces the smallest salt particles in the industry and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Vitality Booth’s combine red light and halotherapy together in one environment, which many people find beneficial when dealing with COPD, cold, cough, asthma, allergies, sleep apnea, inflammation, pain management, sleep regulation, acne, psoriasis, eczema, mood enhancement, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, improved athletic performance, injury recovery and more. Clinical studies showing the effects or red light and halotherapy can be viewed at this link:

The Vitality Booth and Vitality Booth Plus lines come in multiple sizes, allowing business owners to choose a model that fits their needs, budget and space requirements. For more information visit and

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Vitality Booth Receives U.S. Patent

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