The largest fashion competition in Dubai, Fashion Factor, has begun

The 7th edition of Fashion Factor, one of Dubai’s leading fashion competitions, with the theme ‘THE FUTURISM,’ has commenced.

DUBAI, UAE, February 9, 2024 / — The 7th edition of Fashion Factor, one of Dubai’s leading fashion competitions, with the theme ‘THE FUTURISM,’ has commenced. The event will continue tomorrow and, over the course of two days, host more than 2000 participants. Fashion Factor, held at The Agenda Arena, serves as a significant meeting point in the fashion world, providing emerging designers with an opportunity to establish a strong presence in the industry.

Fashion Factor, one of Dubai’s most prestigious fashion competitions, continues to host creative and talented fashion designers. Held in Dubai, the fashion hub of the Middle East, brings together leading figures in the fashion industry, providing an opportunity to showcase innovative designs that will shape the industry. Throughout the six previous editions, Fashion Factor has hosted collections from more than 200 international designers. In its 7th edition, Fashion Factor continues to welcome international designers, providing a platform for a global fashion perspective with the theme ‘THE FUTURISM.’ The competition, centered around this theme, will showcase collections from various designers over the course of two days.

The competition, which takes place at The Agenda Arena in Dubai, hosts over a thousand participants daily and is broadcast live on various television channels. With a broad spectrum of participants, ranging from celebrities to influencers, photographers to professional models, the competition becomes a significant meeting point of the fashion world. Among the spectators attending the competition are prominent figures such as Victoria Bonya, Islam Sabry, Ramona Gabor, Sharmoofers, Bushra Rozza, Lojain Omran, Mr. Thank You, Snejana Onopka, Rita Harb, Yara, Lamiaa Menhal, Zozo Kahramana, and Chanel Ayan. Additionally, the competition enhances industry connections by increasing opportunities for idea sharing and collaboration among participants.

Fashion Factor highlights cultural diversity and creativity

Going beyond just a competition for aspiring fashion designers, Fashion Factor provides participants with numerous opportunities. Each fashion designer has the chance to showcase their authentic collections in front of a live audience, introducing their designs to leading figures in the industry. The showcased designs are evaluated by the jury members throughout the competition process. On the final day, successful designers, as determined by the assessments, will be presented with awards. Winners in Fashion Factor will not only receive awards but also have the opportunity to establish a strong presence for themselves in the industry.

CEO and Founder of Fashion Factor, Sherif Thomas stated, ‘’We continue to bring together international fashion designers at Fashion Factor. With this event where we shape the future of fashion, we increase the likelihood of success for both local and international designers. Through the Fashion Factor competition, we not only provide an opportunity for designers to showcase their collections but also create an international platform that contributes to their success in their careers.’’

Fashion Factor, continuing to capture the interest of fashion enthusiasts, brings along the excitement of discovering the future fashion designers. Going beyond being just a fashion competition, Fashion Factor emphasizes cultural diversity, creativity, and innovation. The competition, bringing together names that will shape the future of fashion, aims to focus on sustainability in the fashion industry

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