Tattoo Remoov 88RS – Magnetic Tattoo Removal By Linda Line Paradis

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, June 21, 2023/ — Linda Line Paradis came up with this Tattoo Remoov 88RS method back in 2006, to serve as an alternative to laser tattoo removal and surgical excision, which can cause damage to the skin.

This method is distinctive due to two reasons:

The first reason is the unique design of the Non-invasive Round Square Magnetic needles 88, which works on the skin’s surface without penetrating the Dermis.

The 300 Power Gauss of those needles interacts with the heavy metals in the Tattoo pigment implant deep in the Dermis by using the Magnetic Needles 88: Avoid pain, scars, and any risks in general; customs must follow hygienic instructions, and the technician must respect the protocol. The Tattoo Remoov solution that a PH is 8,5, making it not acidic or highly alkaline.

The second reason is the TATTOO REMOOV composition, which contains 40% of water and molecules used in food, bakery, and the cosmetic industry.

Moreover, Tattoo Remoov PH is not acidic PH 8,5. Thus, because of those reasons, Can be considered this procedure as the best and safest technique to remove tattoos.

Use of non-invasive Round square needles 88/132

Our skin system is very rich in collagen and fibroblast. The mesotherapy needles and nanoneedles are used for micro-needling to stimulate the fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the collagen factory. Therefore, using this type of needle is used more to repair atrophic and hypertrophic scars; this is by stimulation of fibroblasts that produce collagen. After scarring, there is a renewal cell of the skin’s surface layer, filling in the skin’s wounds, acne, or accidental atrophic scars. This type of invasive needle is on a Cosmetic or Body tattoo. In that case, since the skin is healthy and flat, the addition of acidic or highly alkaline solutions may cause 99% of severe skin disorders.

The tattoo removal technique also comes with an aftercare, which is aimed at protecting the skin and leaving it permanently moisturized. This aftercare is made up of natural elements like orange oil, jojoba oil, lemon oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

“I don’t think I’m the only person who thinks that tattoos are forever. Not really forever, but the thought of going through the process of tattoo removal chills my bones. Of course, there is laser tattoo removal, which is ok but the results differ, and this is in addition to having several sessions (anywhere from 5 to 10), and after all this time, your skin might not be spick and span (depends on the tattoo and the color of the ink also).” says Zaara, Anyway, a little birdie told me about a recently launched non-invasive tattoo removal method using Tattoo Remoov 88RS. I know, it was our first time hearing about it too.

Tattoo Remoov 88RS, which was introduced on this side of the Sahara by renowned tattoo removal educator Linda Line Paradis, is said to be an effective ink removal product, in addition to being a unique method of ink extraction for cosmetic and body tattoos.

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