SwimOutlet Achieves Remarkable Revenue Growth with FenixCommerce Integration

Swim Outlet proves that removing customer anxiety around delivery dates brings a big conversion boost and profit for every online retailer.

Thanks to FenixCommerce, we got a substantial increase in our conversion rate, but also achieved a remarkable boost in revenue per session, contributing to a significant monthly revenue increase.”

— Alexander Sienkiewicz

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SwimOutlet Achieves Remarkable Revenue Growth with FenixCommerce Integration

SwimOutlet, the largest online specialty store for aquatics in North America, has reported an impressive 13% increase in Revenue per Session Visit following the integration of FenixCommerce’s Delivery Management platform. This strategic move has also resulted in a 7.4% overall conversion rate increase and a notable 9.1% surge in mobile conversions, marking a significant milestone for the e-commerce giant.

Over the past two decades, SwimOutlet has established itself as a leader in the aquatic gear and swimwear market, known for its broad selection of products and exceptional customer service. In an ongoing effort to enhance customer experience and drive profitability, SwimOutlet collaborated with FenixCommerce to refine their online shopping journey for their customers, focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies.

The FenixCommerce solution involved adding estimated delivery dates (EDDs) to product detail, cart, and checkout pages to increase add-to-cart rates and reduce cart abandonment. By replacing generic shipping date ranges with specific EDDs, SwimOutlet saw a significant uplift in conversion rates and revenue per visit.

Alexander Sienkiewicz, CMO of SwimOutlet, expressed his satisfaction with the results, stating, “Adding estimated delivery dates was a strategic move we were eager to test, and the outcomes have been astonishing. Not only did we see a substantial increase in our conversion rate, but we also achieved a remarkable boost in revenue per session visit, contributing to a significant monthly revenue increase thanks to Fenix.”

Akhilesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO of FenixCommerce said that “he is proud to partner with some of the sharpest operators in the DTC/eCommerce world and deliver them the value with FenixCommerce platform that helps customer-centric companies provide the best in class shopping experience to their online shoppers by bridging the gap between their front end eCommerce store and backend supply chain “

SwimOutlet’s success story underscores the importance of leveraging advanced technologies and predictive AI to meet complex customer experience and logistics requirements. The implementation of FenixCommerce’s platform has not only streamlined SwimOutlet’s shipping processes but also enabled the use of cost-effective hybrid carrier services, reducing overall shipping expenses.

Looking ahead, SwimOutlet plans to expand its partnership with FenixCommerce by incorporating dynamic EDDs into customer retention channels, such as cart abandonment emails and SMS for post-purchase delivery notifications. This strategy aims to further enhance customer confidence and loyalty, driving continued growth and success.

SwimOutlet’s collaboration with FenixCommerce serves as a powerful example for e-commerce brands seeking to improve conversion rates, reduce shipping costs, and deliver a superior online shopping experience. For more information on how FenixCommerce can transform your e-commerce strategy, visit https://fenixcommerce.com/.

About SwimOutlet:

SwimOutlet.com is the largest online specialty store for aquatic gear and swimwear in North America. Part of the Spiraledge family of internet brands focused on healthy living, SwimOutlet is recognized for its wide product selection, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.

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Swimoutlet Improves Customer Experience while Improving Online Conversion by over 7% and Revenue Per Session by 13%

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