Strongman Legend Magnús Ver Magnússon Champions Adaptive Athletes and Joins Forces with HEMPE for Pain Relief Advocacy

Renowned Athlete Magnús Ver Magnússon Collaborates with HEMPE to Champion groundbreaking topical CBD pain solutions for strength athletics

I’ve tried every product to help with my aches & pains, specifically for my knee and nothing has worked. Using HEMPE CBD Muscle & Joint Gels is like applying magic… my pain literally disappears!”

— 4 x World’s Strongest Man & Hempe Brand Ambassador, Magnús Ver Magnússon

WIMBORNE, UNITED KINGDOM, August 24, 2023/ — In the realm of strength and athleticism, few names carry as much weight as Magnús Ver Magnússon. With a storied career spanning three decades, including four World’s Strongest Man victories in 1991, 1994, 1995, and 1996, Magnús Ver Magnússon stands as a true icon in the world of strongman competitions.

However, his influence extends far beyond his individual achievements. In recent years, Magnús has emerged as a beacon of support for both able-bodied and disabled athletes. He orchestrates the annual Magnús Ver Magnússon Classic, a traditional strongman event held in his native Iceland. Not stopping there, he spearheads the Magnús Ver Magnússon Adaptive Athletes World Strength World Championships, a pioneering event that provides adaptive athletes the platform to compete on the world stage in the World Strength Games.

An upcoming event that exemplifies this commitment is the Britain’s Disabled Strongman and Strongwoman Competition 2023, set to unfold over the August bank holiday weekend in Chard, Somerset. This event is a remarkable celebration of talent and strength, bringing together athletes with diverse disabilities to compete across five challenging events. A notable figure at this event is none other than Magnús Ver Magnússon himself, who will officiate as the Head Referee.

Stepping into the heart of strength competition, Giants Live will present The Strongman Open & World Deadlift Championship in Cardiff on September 2nd. Magnús Ver Magnússon will assume the role of Head Judge for this prestigious event. Giants Live holds the distinction of being the official qualifying tour for the esteemed World’s Strongest Man competition, in which Magnús is also set to be a part of the judging panel.

Further showcasing his global presence, Magnús Ver Magnússon will make his mark from September 15th to 17th at the World Strength Games in Orlando, Florida. Here, he will be joined by HEMPE, a natural range of CBD-infused topicals, in sponsoring this year’s event.

HEMPE’s involvement in this partnership holds special significance. Magnús Ver Magnússon has embraced the healing potential of HEMPE’s range, leading to his endorsement as a brand ambassador. Reflecting on his experience, Magnús remarks, “I have tried every product there is to help with my aches and pains, specifically for my knee, and nothing has worked. Using HEMPE CBD Muscle & Joint Gels is like applying magic… I mean it’s unbelievable, my pain literally disappears!”

HEMPE’s CEO & Founder, Farard Darver, shares his excitement about this collaboration, stating, “I have been watching World’s Strongest Man every Christmas on TV since I was a child and having Magnus, one of the best ever, as a HEMPE Brand Ambassador is a dream come true.”

HEMPE products stand out due to their foundation in over 60 years of scientific research carried out by esteemed Czech scientists who initially discovered and isolated CBD. This legacy of research forms the basis for HEMPE’s formulations. The company’s Czech formulators leverage decades of cannabinoid research, combining it with cutting-edge expertise in formulation processes and bioactive ingredient combinations. This results in a range of products that go beyond CBD, creating a unique blend for effective pain relief.

For individuals aged 18-65 grappling with aches and pains, HEMPE presents a natural alternative. The uptake is especially prominent among active 20-somethings committed to healthy lifestyles. The HEMPE range includes CBD Hot Muscle & Joint Gel, CBD Ice Muscle & Joint Gel, CBD SOS Balm, and CBD Firming & Toning Gel, catering to various pain relief needs.

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