Renowned Physician Dr. Laura Purdy to Introduce Cutting-Edge CellSound Ultrasound Technology

Transforming Aesthetics with Science and Care

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 19, 2024 / — Dr. Laura Purdy, esteemed board-certified Family Medicine Physician and CEO/Founder of SWELL Medical (SMed), is set to unveil an innovative ultrasound technology by CellSound Aesthetics, Inc. at a special event hosted by Dr. Gilbert Lee MD at Change Plastic Surgery and Spa on April 19, 2024. This groundbreaking technology promises to redefine the realms of body contouring and facial rejuvenation by leveraging the unique CellSound mechanism of action.

CellSound Aesthetics, Inc., a pioneering medical device company dedicated to the aesthetic medical field, has developed systems that cater to the increasing demand for effective, regenerative, non-invasive, and non-thermal treatments. With a focus on body contouring and facial rejuvenation, CellSound Systems utilize low-intensity, non-focused therapeutic ultrasound to deliver transformative results over multiple sessions.

The discovery by CellSound Aesthetics Chief Scientist, Ilan Feferberg, revolutionizes the effectiveness of therapeutic ultrasound by addressing the body’s impedance changes that can limit treatment benefits. The patented TF 360 technology synchronizes the skin’s impedance with the ultrasound transducer, ensuring a fully effective treatment session that unlocks the skin’s potential for rejuvenation.

“The potential of CellSound technology to revolutionize aesthetics and the MedSpa Industry is truly remarkable. I am excited to introduce this breakthrough approach that merges scientific innovation with patient-centric care,” shares Dr. Laura Purdy.

This cutting-edge innovation enables skin care specialists to provide body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments without the risks associated with cavitation, thermal heat, or cryotherapy. With profound results evident from the outset, the Photo Fact Center, a revolutionary digital measuring system developed by Ilan Feferberg, serves as a vital tool for practitioners to track and communicate progress with their patients.

Join Dr. Laura Purdy at the exclusive event on April 19, 2024, at Change Plastic Surgery and Spa, hosted by Dr. Gilbert Lee MD, as she introduces the transformative CellSound ultrasound technology that promises to set a new standard in aesthetic treatments.

For more information about Dr. Laura Purdy and SWELL Medical (SMed), visit and follow Dr. Purdy on IG @drlaurapurdy.

About Dr. Laura Purdy, MD, MBA:

Dr. Laura Purdy is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician and a renowned leader in the digital healthcare industry. With a background as an Army physician for 14 years, Dr. Purdy has emerged as a key opinion leader in telehealth, working closely with industry innovators to advance virtual health solutions. Her commitment to improving access to quality healthcare for all has solidified her reputation as a trusted authority in the field.

About SWELL Medical (SMed):

SWELL Medical (SMed) is a pioneering Telehealth Enterprise founded by Dr. Laura Purdy, committed to reshaping the healthcare landscape with compassion, accessibility, and inclusivity. Offering personalized telehealth excellence, SWELL Medical ensures a comforting and consistent healthcare experience for individuals, promoting genuine connections and a sense of belonging in the realm of telehealth. For more information about Dr. Laura Purdy and SWELL Medical (SMed), visit and You can also follow Dr. Purdy on @drlaurapurdy.

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