Penny and Lee Launch Revolutionary Anti-Aging Silk + Copper-Infused Pillowcase

Penny and Lee Copper Infused Grey Pillowcase with Box

Founder of Penny and Lee tossing their Copper Pillows in the air

Founder of Penny and Lee tossing their Copper Pillows in the air

Penny and Lee Copper Infused Pillowcase in Pink White and Grey

Penny and Lee Copper Infused Pillowcase in Pink White and Grey

Penny and Lee Unveil Revolutionary Anti-Aging Silk + Copper-Infused Pillowcase for Luxurious and Healthier Sleep

Penny & Lee pillowcases are made with a luxurious combination of mulberry silk and copper-infused viscose material.”

— Penny and Lee

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 21, 2024 / — Today marks a significant leap forward in sleep and beauty technology as entrepreneurs Stephanie and Lea unveil their latest innovation: a luxurious anti-aging pillowcase that blends mulberry silk with copper-infused viscose, available exclusively at their new online store called Penny and Lee. This pioneering product combines style, comfort, and scientifically proven benefits to revolutionize the way we think about sleep and skincare.

Penny and Lee, dedicated to merging ergonomic design with aesthetic elegance, have engineered a pillowcase that not only enhances bedroom decor but actively contributes to a healthier sleep environment. By integrating copper, known for its antimicrobial properties, with the softness of mulberry silk, these pillowcases offer a unique benefit: they help destroy harmful microbes, thereby reducing the presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungi around your sleeping area.

“Copper has been recognized for thousands of years for its health benefits, and we’ve harnessed that ancient wisdom combined with modern technology in our pillowcases,” Lea explained. “This isn’t just about beauty sleep; it’s about creating a cleaner, healthier environment for your skin and hair every night.”

The pillowcases also feature a smooth surface that reduces friction, which can help minimize hair breakage and the formation of fine lines. “Our goal is to support not just a restful night’s sleep but also a beauty regimen that starts with where you rest your head,” Stephanie added.

To celebrate the launch of their online store, Penny and Lee are offering an exclusive 10% discount on all first-time purchases. This limited-time offer invites customers to experience the unique combination of luxury, comfort, and hygienic benefits these pillowcases offer.

Discover the innovative design and health benefits of Penny and Lee’s anti-aging silk + copper + viscose pillowcases by visiting their online store today.

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Copper Infused Pillowcase by Penny and Lee Unboxing

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