Nigerian Skin Expert Launches Bellanomi Body Care Line for Skin of Color, Targeting Dry Skin and Hyperpigmentation

Special beauty bundle comes with popular African exfoliating net sponge

KNOXVILLE, TENN., UNITED STATES, February 9, 2024 / — The Bellanomi body care line has launched, meeting the unique needs of people of color with melanin-rich skin. Created by Amanda, a Nigerian skin expert based on ancient African skincare customs and natural formulas, Bellanomi targets a concern that is common to black women: dry skin on the body and hyperpigmentation, including hyperpigmentation caused by chafing in the inner thighs. As part of the launch, Bellanomi is offering a special “2 in 1” Renew and Restore dry skin bundle.

Trained as a pharmacist and chemist, Amanda creates products to meet the needs of black and brown women. Bellanomi’s skincare treatments combine unique ingredients for a meticulously researched, high-end skincare line.

The products harness centuries-old Nigerian beauty traditions. Amanda is from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, part of which lives in that country’s Imo state. The camwood powder she uses in her products is used to celebrate a young girl’s transition into womanhood in the town of Mgbidi in Imo state. Camwood has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin-brightening benefits. Bellanomi’s African net sponge, which is unique to west Africa, was similarly inspired by Amanda’s childhood memories of growing up in Nigeria. The sponge was initially used as a fishing net, but was later found to be a great bath tool.

Amanda explained, “Our popularity and quality have led to sales of more than 40,000 units of the African exfoliating net sponge and we are always rolling out new beauty items.”

The brand’s name honors Amanda’s two daughters. Bellanomi is a combination of the Italian words for beautiful and pleasant.

Bellanomi is committed to inclusivity and ensuring exceptional skincare solutions for all people.

Amanda added, “The latest addition to my collection is a discoloration body balm, which is specifically designed for skin issues experienced by women of color, like inner thigh chafing or eczema-induced discoloration. The body balm product doubles as a moisturizer and targets discoloration.”

All ingredients in the company’s soaps and butters come from small businesses in Africa. “We are dedicated to authenticity calling on our roots and traditions,” Amanda said.

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