New Skincare Launched by Female-Led Luxury Brand Bella Grace

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, June 21, 2023/ — Bella Grace, a luxury lifestyle brand and collagen Elixir innovator is launching its second luxury lifestyle product line, according to Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Meredith Bilbro. “This formulation has been in the works for over a year and a half, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s a skincare line that delivers an immediate impact on skin’s brightness, glow and texture combined with long term boosts to elasticity, fullness and firmness of the skin.”

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, is the launch date for the Bella Grace Skincare, which includes a cleanser, serum and moisturizer. “Simplicity is a hallmark of Bella Grace products,” says CEO and Co-Founder Kristina Kajic. “We believe in delivering a powerful punch and recognize that simplifying routines is also key to how we’ve created such wide-spread success with our nutraceutical supplement, the Bella Grace Elixir, which nourishes and optimizes skin from the inside out. Our new line nourishes and optimizes skin from the outside in.”

The Bella Grace skincare line helps prevent the degradation of collagen within the skin as well as boosting the absorption of it, key to both immediate and long-term results. Other significant contributions to this high-impact system include peptides, polyglutamic acid, ocean-based Chondrus Crispus (red algae), Papain (a papaya-based enzyme) and Squalane, derived from sugarcane. This clean formula also includes hyaluronic acid, which absorbs and holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Trial users of this luxury lifestyle skincare remark on the immediate effects they’ve noticed.

“By combining functions in each of the formulations, we were able to create multi-use capabilities, reducing the number of products required to achieve the results Bella Grace customers value most,” Bilbro says.

“I am beyond excited to see these products impact the market,” says Kajic. “Meredith and I believe that the Bella Grace Skincare will set the bar not only in our channel but in the competitive skin care market just as the Elixir did within the health and wellness market when we launched it in 2022.” The Elixir, which features patented Astareal Astaxanthin, the potent herbal Cats Claw, and Verisol collagen, has propelled Bella Grace to one of the fastest growing new companies in the social selling channel.

The Bella Grace skincare lineup includes:


A daily gentle cleanser that lifts away pollution, dry dead skin cells, and other impurities while replenishing moisture to reveal fresh, smooth hydrated skin.


A silky, hydrating cream that helps plump and nourish the skin; reducing fine lines and wrinkles while preventing the degradation of collagen for a renewed, healthy-looking glow.


A lightweight, quick-absorbing serum boosts microcirculation and helps deeply moisturize skin while preventing free-radical damage and improving hyperpigmentation to reveal a radiant, dewy complexion.

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