New Feel Benchmark Report reveals that online shoppers prefer an in-store-like shopping experience

Feel Benchmark Report

Data from 86 leading eCom brands, Feel’s ‘Conversational Sales Benchmark Report’ provides insights into engagement with shoppers and assesses its effectiveness

Customer support & sales require very different skill sets & expertise. Brands and products with high consideration and average order values demand a much more humanized shopping experience,”

— Oren Harnevo

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 29, 2023 / — Feel, a leading provider of conversational sales technology and service platform for eCommerce, has just released its latest Conversational Sales Commerce: Benchmark Report (

The report explores how top brands respond to live sales questions from online shoppers to increase loyalty and drive more sales and revenue. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact and methods used to engage with live online shoppers and the growing need to humanize the customer journey.

Online shopping has become the preferred method for many consumers, providing a more accessible and convenient way to purchase products. Despite this shift from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, shoppers still desire human assistance to complete many online orders.

Conversational commerce has become an important strategy for brands to maximize sales and build brand loyalty. By providing customers with more personalized shopping experiences, they can express more empathy by proactively connecting with customers in meaningful ways.

Feel’s Benchmark Report ( contains insightful data offering a clear view of how leading brands leverage AI, support, and sales team strategies to engage, delight, and convert more shoppers into loyal repeat purchasers. The research highlights the overall performance of different brands and underscores the importance of providing more humanized and engaging experiences tailored to the individual.

Serving as a reliable benchmark for online retailers– the report lets brands gauge their performance and gain insight into potential improvements and benefits from high-level conversational sales commerce.

Key findings include:

* Proactively closing sales directly impacts average order value (AOV) and revenue. A brand’s sales proactiveness directly impacts revenue and AOV generated from each interaction. Depending on the method a brand uses for conversational commerce (sales bots, support teams, or sales team) will determine the brand’s ability to drive sales through engagements. On average, sales associates will be 24% more likely to drive sales than support and 41% more likely than sales bots.

* Recommendations reduce decision fatigue and provide a personalized experience for shoppers. Recommendations are powerful tools for brands to offer more targeted and specialized products. It reduces the time customers spend searching for what they need and demonstrates an understanding of their needs. Brands should leverage first-party data to understand their customers better and meet them at their moment of inspiration to offer personalized recommendations and experiences.

* Providing more expensive or complimentary products through upsells can increase AOV and revenue significantly. Using upsells in conversational commerce is a great way to boost revenue and profit while enhancing the customer experience. Customers value personalization and upsells are another way of providing targeted products that customers will enjoy. Brands that take advantage of upselling in conversational commerce can often see revenue and AOV increase by 15%.

* Conversion rates increase when brands offer checkout assistance. Checkout assistance is the bread and butter of sales and can increase conversion rates. Customers bypass hangups and are provided a more personalized 1:1 experience by simplifying the checkout process. Brands that offer checkout assistance in their conversational commerce channels can capitalize on increased conversion rates and reduce their cart abandonment rates.

“Customer support & sales require very different skill sets & expertise. Brands and products with high consideration and average order values demand a much more humanized shopping experience,” said Oren Harnevo, CEO of Feel. As the industry evolves and brands realize that sales and support are not the same, brands must begin to provide more personalized and engaging shopping experiences based on their unique product offering.

The complete Conversational Sales Commerce: Benchmark Report is available for download, offering valuable insights for eCommerce and retail brands seeking to increase AOV and conversion rates through a more comprehensive conversational sales experience.

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