Manhattan, NYC Unveils New Holistic, Anti-Aging Facial and Skin Treatments

Manhattan, NYC, Puresthetique Holistic & Laser introduces unique, all-natural skincare and laser treatments, focusing on holistic, anti-aging.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 / — In the heart of Manhattan, NYC, a unique skincare and wellness destination is changing the way people think about beauty and self-care. Puresthetique Holistic & Laser led by Keiko Graffam since 2018, helps those seeking holistic, anti-aging facial and skin treatments. Embracing a holistic philosophy, the spa offers a diverse range of anti-aging solutions, including groundbreaking laser hair removal paired with organic skincare, advanced Endospheres therapy, and holistic facial treatments.

Keiko Graffam’s journey in the skincare world began after working at a holistic med spa and later exploring Ayurvedic holistic treatments in India. This experience inspired her to open her own Holistic & Laser spa, focusing on treatments that are not just skin-deep but also cater to the mind and soul. At Puresthetique, every treatment is an experience, integrating relaxation, touch, and sensory elements like aroma and sound.

One of the top concerns that Keiko and her team address at Puresthetique is the desire for natural and effective skincare. This is where their expertise in skincare treatments, herbal facial treatment, and CBD skincare therapy shines. They offer anti-aging skincare and acne skincare solutions that go beyond surface-level treatments. Their hydrating facial treatments and skin brightening therapy are especially popular among New Yorkers seeking a youthful and radiant complexion. The nano microcurrent facial and organic facial options are tailored to individual skin types, ensuring each client receives the best possible care.

Keiko’s approach to beauty is grounded in sustainability and ethics. Puresthetique is not just another spa; it’s a ‘clean beauty’ salon that emphasizes ethical, chemical-free, and sustainable skincare. From their non-toxic skincare choices to handcrafted skincare items, every product used is carefully selected to align with their ethos. This commitment extends to the spa’s location, serving not only Manhattan but also nearby areas including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Roosevelt Island, Long Island and Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut.

What sets Puresthetique apart is its holistic approach to wellness. Services like the Ayurvedic facial and mind/body connection holistic services offer a comprehensive approach to beauty and health. They challenge industry norms by avoiding commercial skincare products laden with chemicals, focusing instead on natural care that produces real results.

Keiko Graffam and her team at Puresthetique Holistic & Laser are not just skincare professionals; they are artisans of beauty and wellness, dedicated to offering the best of nature and technology. In a bustling city like Manhattan, they provide a sanctuary where beauty and health are in perfect harmony.

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