Local Dentist Office Now Offers Affordable Invisalign Service For Residents of Sacramento, CA

Complete Comfort Dental Care, a leading family and cosmetic dentistry clinic in Sacramento, CA, has added Invisalign service to its list of dentistry services.

SACRAMENTO , CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, October 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Complete Comfort Dental Care is now offering the perfect special for patients who want to try Invisalign, says the spokesperson for the dental office. “With this special, you will receive a complimentary Invisalign consultation and a discount off of a complete Invisalign treatment. Take the first step toward your dream smile by scheduling your consultation with us today.”

Invisalign aligners resemble professional teeth-whitening trays. They offer customized solutions for misaligned teeth. These innovative devices effectively correct issues like crookedness, protrusion, and gaps without the discomfort and self-consciousness often associated with traditional metal braces.

While Invisalign may not replace conventional orthodontic treatments for highly complex cases, it is suitable for a broad range of smile imperfections, including overjet, overbite, crossbite, spacing, tooth misalignment, and underbite.

Dentists specializing in Invisalign in Sacramento thoroughly assess the patient’s oral health and dental alignment to create a tailored Invisalign treatment plan.

Patients must strictly follow the prescribed daily schedule, wearing clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours. These aligners are conveniently removable for meals, snacks, oral hygiene, and special occasions that might interfere with speech or appearance.

Regular check-ins are needed to track progress. Unlike traditional wire braces, a relieving factor is the absence of complicated or uncomfortable adjustments. At these appointments, patients receive their next set of aligners.

With an average treatment duration of 12 months, considerably shorter than conventional braces, Invisalign yields beautifully straight teeth without the discomfort, decay, or gum issues associated with traditional methods. Most dentists recommend a retainer to maintain the new Invisalign smile’s alignment.

With Complete Comfort Dental Care adding Invisalign Sacramento, CA, service to its treatment options, the dental office has released new competitive rates for the treatment. This will allow more people to afford the service and a competitively priced product.

Patients can finance the costs of dental services through a company called “CareCredit,” which allows patients to spread the costs over the course of one to three years with added flexibility.

CareCredit is a convenient financing choice that dentists and other health providers widely accept.

For more information, visit https://www.completecomfortdentalcare.com/specials/invisalign/

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