Let’s Talk With Sarah Martin, Founder/Lead Teacher, Pilates Glow, Harrison, New York

Sarah Martin, Founder/Lead Teacher, Pilates Glow, New York


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We are honored to speak today with Sarah Martin, Founder/Lead Teacher, about all the services, programs, and teacher training at Pilates Glow, New York”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

HARRISON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Let’s Talk: Thank you for joining us today, Sarah. Before we talk about all the services and programs at PILATES GLOW NEW YORK (www.PilatesGlowNY.com), please tell us about your background.

Sarah Martin: Hi, and thank you for this opportunity. I started out with a yoga teacher training background but I found it very difficult to teach people because I did not feel creative enough to think of different yoga flows. So when I found Pilates, it was very structured and something that I could teach and know how and why I was teaching it. So it became very natural for me to communicate to my clients what I was doing and why I wanted them to do certain exercises.

Let’s Talk: What motivated you to start Pilates Glow New York?

Sarah Martin: Honestly, it fell into my lap. Opening my own studio was on my radar but not for another 5 to 10 years. I had this opportunity to start a Pilates studio and I took it! I am so happy that I did and grateful everyday for this opportunity to teach my clients everyday and make them feel good about themselves and in their body.

Let’s Talk: One will read on your site that, “Here at Pilates Glow we have fully certified Pilates teachers with over 600 hours of training and continuing education hours every year. Our fully equipped Classical Gratz Pilates Equipment that is maintained every year and cleaned every day. We specialize in post rehab Pilates for clients who had a major surgery or injury to their body and trying to get back to a workout regiment that won’t put them back into the hospital.“ Please give us an overview of all the services and options that you offer.

Sarah Martin: Of course! We primarily focus on private pilates sessions with one instructor and one client. We also have Duet Lessons, Small Group Classes with 5-6 people in them, Apprentice Lessons, and Infrared Sauna sessions. Our Small Group Classes are perfect for those who want a more intimate setting compared to other Pilates studios. Our studio is very large compared to other studios in the area with over 2000 sq. We also have private showers in their own private room for you to get ready in the morning or take a quick shower after your workout. Our Infrared Sauna is a one person sauna that has a seperate area closed off from the rest of the space. Apprentice Lessons are private one on one lessons. You are paired with an apprentice, who is training under the guidance of Sarah Martin, that is working towards their 600 hours of training. That’s how many hours our apprentices need in order to graduate and become a certified Pilates Teacher. They can be anywhere on their journey to their graduation and all lessons are $80. Pilates Glow’s teacher training program was started 2 years ago and it has been amazing to see the journey of these inspiring soon-to-be Pilates Instructors.

Let’s Talk: We also understand that you offer Teacher Training (https://www.pilatesglowny.com/teachertraining) . Care to elaborate?

Sarah Martin: Yes, like I said we started it 2 years ago. It is a labor of love! I created all the manuals and website videos to go with the training. Pilates Glow trains Pilates teachers who come from other Pilates backgrounds that are not Classical and apprentices who have only been practicing Pilates for a few months.

Let’s Talk: Any testimonials or success stories you would like to mention?

Sarah Martin: I have had the pleasure of teaching so many different people from so many different backgrounds. It has been such a pleasure to work with all these wonderful people from people who have held high positions in the workplace to stay at home moms to mature retired individuals. Some of my favorite testimonials are here: ” I have been doing pilates at various studios and with different instructors for many years. The last few years I have been training with Sarah Martin at Pilates Glow in Harrison. She is far and away the best instructor I have ever worked with. She knows just how much to push me to optimize my work out, but she also incorporates stretching so that when I leave, I feel like I have been to the spa! I call Wednesdays my “spa day.” The studio is beautiful and clean, with state of the art equipment, and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend pilates for strength and toning, and in particular, Sarah Martin and Pilates Glow.” This is by Liz who has been a client at Pilates Glow since we opened in 2016.

Let’s Talk: Do you offer remote consultations ?

Sarah Martin: Yes, we do offer zoom sessions for those who go on vacation or have moved and can no longer make it into the studio.

Let’s Talk: What about Gift Cards?

Sarah Martin: People can purchase gift cards right on our website through the Mindbody app.

Let’s Talk: Thank you again for joining us today, Sarah, is there anything else you would like to discuss today?

Sarah Martin: I want people to know that no matter where they are at in life or physical fitness, that they should not feel discouraged to come into a Classical Pilates studio. Classical Pilates teachers are extensively trained for years before becoming certified, they are there to help you and they genuinely want to help as well. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about any studios in your area of if you would like a 15 minute consultation with me to ask any questions you have. [email protected]


For more information:


241 Harrison Ave

Harrison, NY 10528

(914) 630-4594

[email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pilatesglowny

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pilatesglowny/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-martin-1a32788b/


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