KPS Kindness Powered Skincare Announces Earth Day Campaign Highlighting the Importance of Soil Health

“Resilience Reborn: A Whisper of Hope in Barren Lands”

Sustainable Beauty Leader Natalie Novak, KPS Kindness Powered Skincare Champions Save Soil Movement on Earth Day

Integrating soil-friendly practices into supply chain management is no longer optional; it’s necessary for business continuity and competitiveness,”

— Natalie Novak

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2024 / — KPS Kindness Powered Skincare, a leader in sustainable beauty and environmental stewardship, is proud to announce its Earth Day campaign supporting the global Save Soil movement.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the critical issue of soil degradation, which poses a significant threat to ecosystems, economies, and communities worldwide.

Soil Health: The Foundation of Our Survival

“Soil health is fundamental to our survival and prosperity,” says KPS founder Natalie Novak. “The business community needs to recognize the far-reaching consequences of soil degradation, from jeopardizing raw material production to escalating inflation. The reality is that every business depends on healthy soil.”

The Role of Healthy Soil

Healthy soil plays a vital role in our planet’s well-being. It purifies water, mitigates climate change, and is a source of many antibiotics. However, soil regeneration is a slow process, and the current degradation rate threatens to disrupt businesses, economies, and ecosystems.

Sustainable Business Practices

“Investing in soil health is not just good environmental policy. It’s smart business,” emphasizes Novak. “As businesses face climate change, consumer demands for sustainability, and stricter regulations, prioritizing soil health fosters resilience and future-proofs operations.”

Consumer Values and Brand Reputation

KPS understands the growing importance of sustainability for consumers, especially younger generations. Their Earth Day campaign aligns with this value shift, demonstrating their commitment to a sustainable future.

The Impact on Supply Chains

Soil degradation significantly impacts supply chains by affecting the availability and cost of raw materials across various industries.

“Integrating soil-friendly practices into supply chain management is no longer optional; it’s essential for business continuity and competitiveness,” says Novak.

Join the Movement

From April 22nd to April 25th, KPS invites everyone to participate in their Earth Day campaign. Customers can enjoy a 20% discount on all KPS products, with 10% of proceeds supporting the Save Soil movement.

Take Action

Individuals can make a difference by urging their leaders to prioritize soil health. The Save Soil movement offers a pre-written letter that can be sent to leaders in just a few minutes: Save Soil’s Call to Action.

“Your voice matters,” says Novak. “With just a few minutes of your time, we can collectively advocate for soil health and create a healthier, more sustainable future for all.”

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KPS Kindness Powered Skincare is a leading provider of natural, effective skincare solutions. They are deeply committed to sustainability and social responsibility, leading by example and inspiring actions that benefit the planet and its inhabitants.


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