KB PURE LTD, Israel’s largest derma-cosmetics company, internationally offers a line of therapeutic cosmetics

Stands of KB PURE products


Revolutionary products dedicated to the treatment of skin aging after 3 years of clinical research and development

RISHON LEZION, ISRAEL, May 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — KB PURE LTD, Israel’s largest derma-cosmetics company, internationally offers a line of clinically-proven therapeutic cosmetics products in three categories:

balancing treatment for problematic (acne-prone) skin, pigmentation and anti-aging, as well as products for youthful skin, SPFs, etc.

KB PURE LTD currently operates in Europe, Canada, Vietnam, Ukraine, China, and Singapore, and is in the process of expanding to new countries.

The company’s active products have undergone strict dermatological testing, and are approved according to international regulatory standards.

Hundreds of thousands of women and men around the world have already discovered the uniqueness and efficacy of international cosmetics company KB PURE LTD’s products. The company provides comprehensive therapeutic solutions via certified dermatologists and cosmetologists, for the skin problems that afflict each and every one of us all around the world: acne, pigmentation, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, sunspots, dryness, etc. Such issues require regular treatment and constant follow-up. Unfortunately, over-the-counter products sold by retailers and pharmacies only provide a partial solution, as only high concentrations of active therapeutic ingredients lead to results and recovery.

Besides products offered by cosmetologists for home use, KB PURE LTD also has a professional product line with high concentrations of active ingredients. These products are applied only in professional skincare treatments.

In addition, the company also offers anti-aging products for solidifying, minimizing and smoothing out wrinkles (clinically proven), products for maintaining youthful skin, SPF creams, and more.

KB PURE LTD operates worldwide via distribution companies that specialize in distributing aesthetic, cosmetic and medical technology. Our distributors are professionally trained by the parent company so that they can in turn train doctors and cosmetologists. Such training is required in order to accurately match the appropriate therapeutic products to patients, as these are active products that require extensive knowledge and expertise in advanced cosmetics.

KB PURE LTD also coordinates professional training sessions given by the company’s certified training team, all experts in therapeutic cosmetics.

KB PURE LTD’s Quick Solution

The company is leading an international revolution in professional therapeutic cosmetics. KB PURE’s founder and product developer, along with leading chemists, have found the ultimate way to help those suffering from skin problems without requiring dozens of active products. They have accomplished this by combining several formulas into one product, which enables faster treatment with fewer products. Moreover, the products are suitable for all skin tones without skin tone or age limits, and can also be used during the summertime.

All of KB PURE LTD’s products have undergone dermatological testing and clinical trials, and are approved according to the strictest standards by Israel’s Ministry of Health and other global authorities.

Join the international revolution that has already swept hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

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