InventionHome® Product Developer Creates Multifunctional Back Scrubber and Exfoliator for Convenient Bathing

MONROEVILLE, PA, USA, March 6, 2024 / — Willie H. of Kansas City, KS is the creator of the Ultimate Back Washing Machine, a bathing tool mounted to the wall in a shower or bath that effectively scrubs and exfoliates a user’s back. The device is secured on the wall via suction cups and features multiple rotating bristles to scrub hard to reach areas on the body with ease. The device is comprised of a square, motorized, back scrubbing machine with up to six motorized scrub heads on the front, and suction cups on the back so that it can be mounted to a shower wall.

The device will be battery powered and can be turned on or off via a power switch. A charging port can be used to recharge a long-lasting lithium battery. All components are encased in a waterproof housing. Users can place soap within the reservoir and activate the system to dispense soap and rotate the bristles. The user can place their back up against the bristles and move slightly to scrub hard to reach areas. Overall, the system prevents people from having to put themselves in awkward positions to scrub and clean their back.

The personal care industry has seen continuous innovation with manufacturers introducing new and convenient products to meet consumer needs. Wall-mounted back scrubbers are a significant part of this trend, offering a hands-free and space-saving solution while bathing. The design and placement of wall-mounted scrubbing systems could be attractive to those looking for a solution that doesn’t take up floor space and is easy to reach during a shower or bath.

Manufacturers often introduce innovative designs and materials to make shower back scrubbers more effective, comfortable, and user-friendly. Features such as adjustable handles, various bristle textures, and ergonomic designs can make these products more appealing to consumers. To further offer convenience when bathing, the Ultimate Back Washing Machine is much more versatile than current back scrubbers—its much-needed versatility could significantly expand any manufacturer’s product line.

Willie filed his Utility Patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is working closely with InventionHome, a leading invention licensing firm, to sell or license the patent rights to his Ultimate Back Washing Machine product. Ideal licensing candidates would be U.S. based product manufacturers or distributors looking to further develop and distribute this product innovation.

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