H2Ocean Outshines at the Gods of Ink Tattoo Convention

H2Ocean- First in First Aid

H2Ocean Team at Gods of Ink

Luigi Mansi- H2Ocean Pro-team Artist, Tristan Kolos- H2Ocean Manager, Miki Vialetto- Gods of Ink Organizer, Eddie Kolos- H2Ocean CEO

H2Ocean Pro-Team Artists at Gods of Ink

H2Ocean Pro-Team Artists Yomico Moreno and Robert Hernández tattooing live in booth at Gods of Ink

H2Ocean with European Pro Team Artists at Gods of Ink

Tristan Kolos, Eddie Kolos with European H2Ocean Pro-Team Artists Boris and Moriel in Front of H2Ocean Tattoo Armour Booth

H2Ocean products range from First Aid, Health and Beauty, Oral Care, Body Piercings, Tattoo Aftercare, Hair Care, and more. These products provide you with calming, soothing and optimum 82 healing minerals found in the Red Sea Salt.

H2Ocean Original Sea Salt Based All Natural Products

H2Ocean Showcases Premier Tattoo Aftercare Products and Supports Renowned Tattoo Artists at the Gods of Ink International Tattoo Convention.

You will never find any dyes, harsh chemicals, fragrances, or irritants of any kind in H2Ocean formulas. Your tattoo or body piercing should be calm and clean for the fastest heal.”

— Eddie Kolos, CEO

STUART, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — H2Ocean, a trusted global leader in patented sea salt based tattoo and body piercing aftercare products, proudly participated in the prestigious Gods of Ink International Tattoo Convention held from April 19-21, 2024, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Gods of Ink International Tattoo Convention is the premier event in the tattoo industry, attracting top tier artists and tattoo enthusiasts from around the world. Organized by Miki Vialetto, publisher of Tattoo Life Magazine, the convention features captivating performances, tattoo art competitions, and exhibitions, showcasing the best talent and art work in the world of the tattoo community that was hand picked by Miki. There was truly God’s of Tattooing with some insane artwork on display. With over 15 events and 250 tattoo stations, Gods of Ink offers a unique platform for artists to connect, collaborate, and inspire. More than 350 legendary the best tattoo artists from around the world attended this event, offering a unique platform for tattoo industry pioneers to show visitors how they tattoo live and had some artwork for sale. The convention attracted top traveling artists from all over to just see this event live, sometimes once in a lifetime to watch your idols in competition within each other but also bonding like a big family.

At the Gods of Ink Tattoo Convention, H2Ocean was prominently featured, with a booth prestigiously positioned in the front left of the main stage, alongside the most revered figures in the tattoo industry across from Boris tattoo, TinTin, Filp Leu and Miki’s merch booth. H2Ocean was the only aftercare allowed on the top, most prestigious floor. Judges had a hard time picking the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for different categories, and not all that entered into this contest were able to walk the stage for an amazing award that was handed out by a legendary artist and the Fuel Girls. Also, this year, H2Ocean is being joined by a phenomenal tattoo artist, H2Ocean Pro Team Member Luigi Mansi with his realism style, to work inside the booth. The world famous artists Filip Leu, Mark Mahoney, Luke Atkinson, Junii Diamond Salmon, and Tin Tin filled out the score sheets, being joined by the sexy fuel girls handing over the trophies handmade by Italian artist El-Rana.

H2Ocean sponsored over 140 professional artists throughout the world, and there were 33 members of the H2Ocean pro team in attendance at Gods of Ink this year, including renowned tattoo artists such as Adem Senturk, Andy Engel, Benjamin Laukis, Big Sleeps, Boris, Darwin Enriquez, Dave Paulo, Diogo Nunes, Eliot Kohek, Erich Rabel, Frederico Rabelo, Goethe Silva, Horiyoshi IV, Hugo Feist, Jess Yen, Jose Lopez, Julian Siebert, Sampaguita Jay, Lucy Hu, Luigi Mansi, Kohei, Marco Klose, Moni Marino, Michael Taguet, Po Zhang, Remis, Robert Borbas, Robert Hernandez, Ryan Smith, Sam Barber, Tommy Lee, Volkan Demirci, and Yomico Moreno. These tattoo artists, recognized for their exceptional talent and contributions to the tattoo community, showcased their skills and creativity at the convention, further solidifying H2Ocean’s commitment to supporting artistic excellence.

The H2Ocean booth was one of the most energetic booths during the entire conference, attracting a steady stream of visitors eager to buy or try their premium aftercare products. Eddie Kolos, Inventor and CEO of H2Ocean, was personally present at the conference, engaging in discussions with world famous tattoo artists about the importance of aftercare in preserving the integrity and beauty of their artwork. H2Ocean’s aftercare products, such as Aquatat Tattoo Ointment, Ocean Care Tattoo Cream, Ocean Foam Tattoo Aftercare, InkRenu Tattoo Brightener, Nothing Tattoo Glide, Extreme Tattoo Care Kit, Nothing Soap etc., were in high demand and completely sold out during the event, underscoring their popularity and effectiveness within the tattoo community.

“H2Ocean always becomes associated with events where world famous artists participate and get involved, I have been to more conventions around the world them most people with over a million miles on delta alone.” said Eddie Kolos. “Our presence at Gods of Ink endorses our commitment to providing top quality natural aftercare products that support the longevity and vibrancy of tattoos. It was inspiring to interact with artists from around the world and discuss the crucial role that aftercare plays in maintaining the integrity of their artwork.” H2Ocean’s patented formulas contain unrefined Red Sea salt and antibacterial natural based ingredients that cleanse, heal, and nourish the skin naturally. H2Ocean not only laid the foundation for all natural products in body piercing and tattoo aftercare since 2001 but also set the highest standard for the quality and credibility of these products. The quality of the sea salt, organic, natural ingredients, the natural procurement process, minimal processing, and eco friendly packaging set the standards high for H2Ocean.

H2Ocean’s presence at the event highlighted the unique value of its aftercare products, which have been revolutionizing the industry since the early 2000s. Founded by Eddie Kolos, H2Ocean introduced natural sea salt based mineral enriched aftercare products powered by lysozyme, a natural defense enzyme of the human immune system. The company’s wide range of products, including pain relievers, vegan options, and sunscreens, are specifically formulated to heal tattoos and body piercings faster, ensuring optimal natural healing results for clients. H2Ocean products use natural Red Sea minerals and enzymes that are a perfect match for the human body’s saline system. H2Ocean’s patented natural products contain over 82 trace minerals from Red Sea salt. The important minerals found are sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, copper, silver, iron, and iodine, etc. These minerals are essential for healing as well as nourishing the skin naturally.

The Gods of Ink International Tattoo Convention served as a testament to the ever expanding tattoo industry. As the demand for high quality natural aftercare products continues to rise, H2Ocean remains at the forefront, providing innovative natural solutions and unparalleled support to artists and enthusiasts worldwide.

About H2Ocean:

H2Ocean is a trusted leader in the tattoo and body piercing aftercare industry, offering a wide range of natural aftercare products specifically formulated to heal tattoos and body piercings safely, quickly, and efficiently. Founded in 2001, H2Ocean’s natural Red Sea salt based mineral enriched aftercare products are powered by lysozyme, a natural defense enzyme of the human immune system. Made in the USA, H2Ocean’s products are antibacterial, alcohol free, chemical free, gentle, and hypoallergenic, providing optimal healing and protection for new tattoos.

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H2Ocean Participation in Gods of Ink

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