Gilbert Same-Day Crowns Using CEREC® Offered By The Gilbert Dentist

Gilbert Same-Day Crowns from The Gilbert Dentist

Dr. Robert J. Brown and Family

Dr. Robert J. Brown with Family

Get same-day crowns from the Gilbert Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Get same-day crowns from the Gilbert Dentist in Gilbert, AZ

Getting a dental crown used to take weeks. But dentists like Dr. Robert J. Brown in Gilbert, AZ, help patients get new crowns in a single office visit.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / — Until recently, the process of getting a dental crown could take several days to a couple of weeks. But some dentists today like Dr. Robert J. Brown, in Gilbert, Arizona, help patients get new crowns in a single office visit.

This advanced system creates excellent restorations, usually on the same day, and according to Google reviews, Dr. Brown’s patients seem to be very happy with it.

CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) is a method of creating dental restorations. These restorations are typically used to repair damage to a tooth (or teeth) from decay or injury.

Traditionally, it would take two visits or more to treat teeth that are stained, decayed, overcrowded, or fractured with a dental crown. The process involved taking an impression of the tooth for the laboratory to fabricate a dental crown. The patient would then wear a temporary crown.

When the final restoration was ready, usually 14 business days later, the patient would return, get anesthetized, and the crown would be cemented. Not only is that an inconvenient and time-consuming process, but the temporary crown is often sensitive and may need to be revised.

How Same-Day CEREC® Technology Works

Our CEREC® system fabricates crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in just one visit. At a dental office, digital images of the tooth are taken, and using CAD/CAM technology, dental restorations are designed and fabricated in about an hour and a half.

The crowns fabricated in the office are just as stunning as the ones created in the dental lab – but without the wait.

Many dental laboratories now utilize CAD/CAM technology to fabricate their crowns. Patients can contact their dental professionals to investigate the CEREC® process further.

For more information regarding CEREC® and same-day crowns or any other advanced laser dentistry matters, contact the office of Dr. Robert J. Brown or “” at or by calling 480-963-3992.

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