Get Ready to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Meg Pfeiffer’s Empowering Single ‘Woman of the Day’

Meg Pfeiffer Woman of the Day

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2024 / — Introducing us to her sixth studio album later this year, Meg Pfeiffer offers a teaser with her empowering new single ‘Woman Of The Day,’ which was inspired by the annual International Women’s Day, upcoming on the 8th March.

Discover Meg Pfeiffer’s latest single, ‘Woman Of The Day,’ a powerful pop anthem that celebrates the strength and resilience of women everywhere. Crafted with care, this song showcases women’s excellence across various spheres of life. With a message that resonates deeply in today’s world, it calls for the celebration of their achievements, urging support and advocacy for equal rights. Meg Pfeiffer brings this vision to life, emphasizing all vocals and creating a harmonious and smooth sound that elevates the song’s impact. The track was impressively entirely self-written, arranged, recorded, produced, and pre-mixed by her.

‘Woman Of The Day’ isn’t just a song; it’s a movement encapsulated in melody, rhythm, and the heartfelt dedication of Meg Pfeiffer. Join her in this musical tribute to women around the globe as we embrace equality, support, and recognition for every woman’s work and worth. Meg Pfeiffer’s dedication to creating music that moves and inspires is evident in every note; she’s a storyteller, advocate, and visionary who continuously inspires through her songs and actions.

About Meg Pfeiffer:

Meg Pfeiffer, an emblem of musical versatility and storytelling depth, has carved her niche as a singer-songwriter and music producer with roots deeply planted in Nashville’s fertile creative ground, seamlessly blending her rich experiences and vast talents into every note she produces. The artist boasts a remarkable catalogue of releases with a career marked by numerous accolades – her latest achievement includes the collaboration album ‘Unsent’ with musically acclaimed Italian husband, the fingerstyle guitarist Luca Stricagnoli. Meg Pfeiffer has clinched prestigious awards such as Best Folk/Rock Singer and Best Singer/Songwriter at the German Rock and Pop Awards and top honors at the European Songwriting Awards, Global Music Awards, LIT Talent Awards, InterContinental Music Awards, Indie International Songwriting Awards, and more. The 2023 LIT of the Year recipient, Meg, earned recognition for her self-written and produced single ‘Machine,’ for which she additionally served as the video producer and director.

Meg Pfeiffer’s discography, including the heartfelt ‘Nope’ album, the introspective ‘Winter Tales’ EP, and the expansive 22-track ‘Unsent,’ has garnered over 2M streams on Spotify alone, a testament to her resonant and authentic musical voice. She is not only an accomplished songwriter but also a prolific music video creator, amassing over 200M collective video views and winning awards like the YouTube Silver Button, New York International Film Award, Red Movie Award, Swedish International Film Award, and Europe Music Video Award.

From her early beginnings, learning classical guitar at 8 and writing songs by 11, Meg has pursued her passion with relentless dedication. Her transition from an aspiring artist based in Germany to a celebrated name in Nashville’s vibrant music scene is a story of perseverance and transformation. Overcoming challenges in the German music scene, she found her breakthrough while touring with an acoustic set, catching the attention of major labels and signing with Sony Music and Universal Music Group at age 22. Her second studio album hit the German charts, and her career expanded with endorsements from Gibson and Yamaha.

In 2018, alongside her husband, Meg founded Muca Label & Publishing, embarking on a journey of artistic independence that has seen them perform in over 100 shows annually across more than 30 countries, showcasing their individual talents while also celebrating their partnership. The couple’s move to Nashville marked a new chapter in their pursuit of musical excellence, focusing on songwriting and live performances. Meg Pfeiffer’s upcoming release, ‘Woman Of The Day,’ marks the first single from her sixth studio album, set to debut on International Women’s Day, March 8, celebrating women’s strength worldwide.

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