Facelift Revolution: Dr. Hisham El Seify Introduces ELIXIR MD, the Innovative Pre and Post-Surgical Recovery Solution.


Patient Receiving Detoxr Treatment before Facelift Surgery

Patient Receiving Detoxr Treatment before Facelift Surgery

Patient Receiving ELIXIR MD™ Cellular Repair Treatment After Facelift Surgery  at Kevin Sadati

Patient Receiving Cellular Repair Treatment After Facelift Surgery

ELIXIR MD: Revolutionizing Pre and Post-Operative Care with Treatments Designed to Enhance Skin Condition for Surgery.

Implementing ELIXIR MD Treatments within our pre and post-operative care protocols has changed the healing process and the recovery timeline for our patients.”

— Dr. Hisham M. Seify, MD, Plastic Surgeon

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, March 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify, is thrilled to announce the introduction of groundbreaking ELIXIR MD technology, into his Newport Beach practice, enhancing recovery in cosmetic surgery with a focus on facial, breast, and body aesthetics.

Dr. Seify, known for his expertise in the cosmetic transformation of the face, breast, and body, has always been at the forefront of merging innovation with patient care. “Facial esthetics are particularly challenging due to the delicate manipulation required, often leading to patient concerns regarding the post-operative recovery period,” Dr. Seify shared. Understanding his patients’ apprehensions about swelling, bruising, and recovery times has led Dr. Seify to adopt ELIXIR MD technology, promising a revolution in post-operative care.

After a successful two-week trial, Dr. Seify experienced the remarkable benefits of ELIXIR MD technology firsthand, noting significant improvements in patient recovery. “The technology not only aids in faster reduction of swelling and bruising but also enhances cellular repair, promising better scar healing and minimized recovery times,” he explained. This innovation utilizes ELIXIR DETOX for pre-operative skin detoxification, reducing bacterial content and increasing oxygenation for improved healing. Post-operatively, the ELIXIR MD Yellow Light facilitates cellular repair, accelerating recovery.

Dr. Seify’s adoption of this technology comes after meticulous evaluation and a personal testament to its efficacy. “I’m typically skeptical and require convincing evidence. However, the consistent positive outcomes, supported by science, made a believer out of me,” he admitted. The technology proved its worth when a friend of Dr. Seify, suffering from a facial bruise, experienced almost immediate improvement after treatment – a testament to the technology’s effectiveness.

This enthusiasm is echoed by patients, including those from beyond Newport Beach, who have experienced the technology’s benefits first-hand. One such patient from Las Vegas requested continued treatments after witnessing the remarkable results. Dr. Seify is now expanding the use of ELIXIR MD technology across all facets of cosmetic surgery within his practice, from eye lifts to neck and facelifts, ensuring patients enjoy a smoother, quicker post-operative recovery.

“It’s not just about reducing recovery time; it’s about enhancing the overall healing process, ensuring better outcomes for our patients,” Dr. Seify concluded. His commitment to patient care and innovative approaches continues to set his practice apart, making him a leader in cosmetic surgery.

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Dr. Hisham El Seify sharing his experience with ELIXIR MD

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