Diabetes Treatment: Tirzepatide’s Approval and the Synergy with Oxford Therapeutics’ “My Weigh Less” Programme

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) grants its seal of approval to Tirzepatide.

Revolutionizing Diabetes Treatment: Tirzepatide’s Approval and the Synergy with Oxford Therapeutics‘ “My Weigh Less” Programme

In a ground breaking development for healthcare, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has granted its seal of approval to Tirzepatide, a medication poised to redefine the landscape of Type 2 diabetes treatment. With an estimated 180,000 individuals in the UK set to benefit from this monumental decision, Tirzepatide’s impact extends far beyond diabetes management. It heralds an exciting opportunity for collaboration with Oxford Therapeutics Ltd and their innovative “My Weigh Less” psychology-focused downloadable weight-loss treatment.

Oxford Therapeutics, a stakeholder in NICE, offers a downloadable psychology-focused weight-loss program designed for patient convenience, accessible on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. This program draws from the success of their acclaimed GMB program and is fortified with over 15,000 hours of one-on-one clinical expertise.

Clinical trials have unveiled Tirzepatide’s remarkable potential to normalize blood sugar levels in an impressive 81 to 97 per cent of patients—a significant leap compared to its competitors. For context, Semaglutide, another renowned medication, achieved this outcome in fewer than 80 per cent of cases. Notably, a landmark trial documented in the New England Journal of Medicine underscored Tirzepatide’s efficacy, with 51 per cent of participants reaching blood sugar levels on par with those without diabetes. This stands in stark contrast to the 20 per cent success rate observed in individuals taking Semaglutide.

While Tirzepatide’s primary role centers around diabetes management, it also emerges as a potent weight-loss ally—a beacon of hope for Type 2 diabetes patients grappling with obesity-related complications such as high blood pressure. This medication is recommended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) exceeding 35 or those unable to use insulin injections.

Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical pioneer behind Tirzepatide, extends its ambitions beyond diabetes treatment, actively seeking approval for its utilization in weight-loss treatments within the NHS. A decision from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is eagerly anticipated in the months ahead. Encouragingly, clinical trials hint at Tirzepatide’s potential to achieve weight loss of up to 26 per cent—an impressive stride beyond the approximately 15 per cent achieved by Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy.

Though Tirzepatide’s arrival in the UK is anticipated for early 2024, the product’s demand is already palpable, echoing the successes of Ozempic and Wegovy. Eli Lilly is diligently exploring alternative formulations of the drug, including a vial and a user-friendly multidose KwikPen, to bolster its supply.

In the UK, approximately 4.5 million people grapple with Type 2 diabetes, and many confront shortages of GLP1 medications, including Semaglutide, prompting them to explore alternatives like insulin. Douglas Twenefour, head of care at Diabetes UK, underscores that ongoing medication shortages are sowing stress and uncertainty among countless Type 2 diabetes patients. Thus, Tirzepatide’s approval offers a beacon of hope. Twenefour also calls for additional measures to ensure a consistent supply of these critical medications.

Tirzepatide will be accessible to patients who have struggled to manage their diabetes with oral anti-diabetic drugs, although it has earned approval for a broader spectrum of patients in other countries. Helen Knight, director of medicines evaluation at NICE, emphasizes Tirzepatide’s potential to provide an effective and cost-efficient treatment option for those wrestling with poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes.

David Webb, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer at NHS England, lauds this announcement as “great news,” especially in light of disruptions in the supply of key diabetes drugs. He adds that Tirzepatide will fill a crucial gap in available treatments and can be prescribed alongside diet and exercise, signifying its potential to revolutionize diabetes care in the UK.

As the healthcare landscape evolves with this ground breaking diabetes treatment, Oxford Therapeutics’ “My Weigh Less” psychology-focused, downloadable weight-loss program emerges as the ideal complement. While weight-loss injections are effective during use, the risk of weight “creep” and regain remains a concern. Therefore, it is believed that a psychology-focused intervention, like “My Weigh Less,” presents the optimal model to ensure sustained success in weight management alongside Tirzepatide’s diabetes management. Together, they offer a beacon of hope for millions in the UK, promising improved health outcomes and a brighter future.

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