Bravo TV’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Jackie Walters, and Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin Debut The FemFest Conference to Birmingham

FemFest 2024: Your Gateway to Total Wellness and Prosperity

BIRMINGHAM , AL, US, November 10, 2023 / — Dr. Heavenly Kimes, renowned cosmetic dentist, television personality, and business mogul, is excited to announce the highly anticipated FemFest 2024, set to take place in March 2024. Dr. Heavenly, alongside her esteemed colleagues and fellow medical professionals Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin, are curating a groundbreaking event that will be a transformative and educational experience for all attendees.

“After a decade of hosting, Dr. Heavenly University has fueled my passion for knowledge and growth. Now, I’m thrilled to expand further beyond Dentistry and into a new era of empowerment with FemFest in Birmingham. I want to continue to elevate and inspire others to do the same!” – Dr. Heavenly

FemFest 2024 is not just an event; it’s a life-enhancing journey that integrates diverse aspects of personal and professional development. This exhilarating experience is set to redefine the standards of wellness, entrepreneurship, and financial empowerment.

“Launching FemFest on International Women’s Day is purposeful. My partners and I come together as a tapestry of strength, resilience, and knowledge that we want to pour into others. FemFest will be a space in which we amplify each other’s understanding of successful entrepreneurship, embrace wellness practices, and weave a collective narrative of legacy-building through financial literacy. Every woman deserves to be empowered, and this conference is a testament to the infinite possibilities that arise when we stand united in support of one another.”- Dr. Jackie Walters

At FemFest 2024, attendees can expect an enriching program that includes:

· Engaging Cultural Leaders: The festival will bring together cultural influencers, thought leaders and experts to inspire, motivate, and educate attendees on a wide range of life-enhancing topics.

· Engaging Panels: In-depth discussions and panels will address pressing issues related to health and wellness, business and entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and the art of building multiple streams of income.

· Networking Opportunities: FemFest 2024 will provide a unique platform for attendees to connect, collaborate, and network with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential mentors.

The core mission of FemFest is to cultivate total wellness, empower entrepreneurial excellence, and foster diversified streams of income for personal and business development. Dr. Heavenly and her team are committed to enriching minds and fueling the journey toward a more balanced, prosperous, and profitable future for all participants.

“Through Girl, Get Ready, I’ve witnessed the incredible transformations that occur when women unveil their true selves. Now, I’m excited to bring that same dedication to FemFest, where we’ll continue to transform, inspire, and help women discover their untapped potential!” – Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin

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