Born Beauty Care Laboratories Inc. Unveils Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion: A Revolution in Comprehensive Skin Care

Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion by Born Beauty Care Labs Inc. sets a new skin care standard, providing unmatched hydration and rejuvenation for all skin types.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 / — Born Beauty Care Laboratories Inc., a leading innovator in personal care products, is proud to announce the release of its latest breakthrough, the Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion. This new addition to the Born Essence brand is designed to provide multi-dimensional hydration, skin rejuvenation, and protective care, making it essential for any skincare regimen.

• Unlock Your Natural Radiance

• Restore Elasticity and Resilience

• Experience Deep Long-Lasting Hydration

The Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion is packed with premium features:

• Volume: 150 mL / 5.0 fl. oz. for long-lasting care.

• Versatility: Suitable for face, body, and hands, ensuring complete skin care.

• Skin Compatibility: Perfect for all skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and normal.

• Rich Composition: Infused with Vitamin E, A, F, UV-B absorbing cinnamic acid, and tocopherols for optimal skin health.

• Antioxidant-Rich: Protects against environmental stressors with powerful antioxidants.

• Phytoceramides Boost: Enhances skin hydration and barrier strength.

The Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion benefits include:

• Multi-Dimensional Hydration: Moisturizes, hydrates, and soothes, leaving skin supple and refreshed.

• Elasticity Restoration: Promotes firm, youthful skin by restoring elasticity.

• Skin Rejuvenation: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enhances collagen production, and boosts skin glow.

• Protective Care: Provides UV protection and reduces inflammation.

• Non-Comedogenic: Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts, allowing skin to breathe and thrive.

• Ethical & Sustainable: Made in the USA with ethically sourced ingredients and cruelty-free practices.

Clinical tests using the Corneometer 820 and MoistureMeterSC have shown that the Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion improves normal skin hydration by 20%, outperforming leading market brands by 12%, and maintains skin hydration above the normal moisture baseline for 14 hours. This product, composed of 99.5% natural ingredients with 100% pure organic shea butter as the star ingredient, is positioned in the masstige and prestige market tiers.

“Our new Shea Butter Lotion is a testament to our commitment to developing high-quality, effective skincare products,” said Samuel Okate, Marketing Officer at Born Beauty Care Laboratories Inc. “We’ve received five-star reviews from hundreds of volunteer testers, and pre-orders have sold out, proving that our customers appreciate the superior care and hydration it provides.”

Born Essence Shea Butter Lotion is now available for order at with free shipping on all USA-bound orders.

Born Beauty Care Laboratories Inc. is dedicated to formulating and manufacturing exceptional personal care products. As the owner of the Born Essence brand, we strive to deliver innovative and effective solutions that cater to diverse skin care needs. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices ensures that our products not only enhance beauty but also promote well-being.

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