Boom-N-Done: The Exciting New Chapter for Entire Home Pros, Car Auto USA, and My Personal Wellness

One Call for All Your Service Needs

A merger between 3 sister companies is changing the face of the home service business.

UNITED STATES , January 22, 2024 / — In a significant move signaling growth and innovation, the renowned service providers Entire Home Pros, Car Auto USA, and My Personal Wellness are proud to announce their rebranding into a single, unified entity: Boom-N-Done. This strategic decision was finalized on January 15th, 2024, by the owner of all three companies, Lauren Jones. The rebranding is a reflection of the companies’ commitment to providing an enhanced overall user experience and embracing expansive growth in the coming years.

Lauren Jones, the visionary entrepreneur behind these successful ventures, stated, “One call is all it takes, and Boom-N-Done! We handle it all for you. You can rest assured that your project is in the hands of our most skilled professional on our team in your area.” This new motto encapsulates the essence of the rebranding – a streamlined, efficient, and customer-centric approach to service delivery. “We have decided that it is time to revamp everything in the company to ensure that our customers receive only the best service we can provide as quickly as possible. We aim to become the one-stop-shop service provider all across the USA,” Jones added.

As part of this exciting transition, Boom-N-Done has taken the proactive step of temporarily taking offline the websites. However, customers should not be concerned, as the company continues to offer its wide array of services through their new website for Boom-N-Done. This move is designed to centralize and simplify the customer experience, making it easier for clients to access the services they need.

In addition to the new website, customers can reach out to Boom-N-Done through their national customer service line at 828-707-9233. This line serves as a direct channel to the company’s exceptional customer service team, ensuring prompt and efficient response to all customer inquiries and needs.

The new website is currently under development and will undergo enhancements over the next few months. The focus is on expanding the list of services and increasing the number of local offices across the nation. In line with this expansion plan, Boom-N-Done is excited to announce their ambitious goal of opening one new location per week for the foreseeable future, a testament to their commitment to growth and accessibility.

This rebranding and expansion effort by Boom-N-Done represent a significant step in the company’s journey towards becoming a leading one-stop-shop service provider in the United States. With a strong foundation built on the individual successes of Entire Home Pros, Car Auto USA, and My Personal Wellness, Boom-N-Done is poised to redefine service excellence and customer satisfaction in the industry.

About Boom-N-Done:

Boom-N-Done is the innovative result of the amalgamation of three sister companies – Entire Home Pros, Car Auto USA, and My Personal Wellness. With a unified vision and a customer-first approach, Boom-N-Done is dedicated to providing top-tier, comprehensive services across various sectors, making it the go-to solution for clients nationwide.

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