Ascilion technology judged top 1% of EU funded Innovations

Ascilion’s rating signals both the commercial potential and maturity of it’s sampling technology.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, April 18, 2024 / — Ascilion AB (“Ascilion”) the leader in dermal interstitial fluid sampling, announced today that Ascilion’s technology received the highest possible rating for both Market Creation Potential and Market Readiness from the European Commission’s Innovation Radar group.

Ascilion´s microneedle technology is used to extract dermal interstitial fluid, the fluid between cells in the skin. This fluid is rich in biomarkers, some of which are unique, and is a previously untapped source of health information. Today, Ascilion works with global leaders in several industry segments to access and utilize this information.

As an essential part of the EU-funded pan-European DIGIPREDICT program, Ascilion has provided the sampling technology for the project. The Innovation project is titled ‘Minimal invasive system for dermal interstitial fluid (dISF) sampling and collection’.

Of the nearly 12,000 projects evaluated to date by the EU Innovation group, only 152 have received this highest level of evaluation, placing Ascilion in the top 1% of projects funded by EU. The evaluation is made up of two parts: Market creation potential and Market maturity.

Market creation potential was judged to be ’Very High’, the highest grade, and is an indication of the potential commercial impact the technology and products can have on the market. Market maturity was judged as ‘Market Ready’ which indicates that the products are ready to market, now.

Simon Grant, CEO of Ascilion commented: ‘We are extremely pleased that the EU has understood the potential and implications of our technology, and also how far the team has come with the products. To receive the highest rating in one classification is an achievement, to receive it in both is very rare. We believe that the potential for our products is broad and that they can open entirely new and exciting possibilities within monitoring and diagnostics that create significant value for industry while helping patients and consumers.’

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017915 (DIGIPREDICT).

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Simon Grant, CEO

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About Ascilion

Ascilion is the world leader in sampling of dermal interstitial fluid (dISF). A pioneer within hollow microneedle technology, Ascilion has developed the only solution available for sampling of practical amounts of pure dISF, enabling complete quantitative biomarker evaluation. Ascilion’s product PELSA is painless, quick, easy to use and leaves no residual mark on the skin. PELSA is available for research use and for pharmaceutical or cosmetic testing applications and is currently undergoing the medical product approval process. We are a cross-functional team based just outside Stockholm, Sweden and currently work with selected industrial partners and researchers.


DIGIPREDICT – Digital Edge AI-deployed DIGItal Twins for PREDICTing disease progression and need for early intervention in infectious and cardiovascular diseases beyond COVID-19.

DIGIPREDICT is a pan-European research program bringing together scientific and technical excellence in multiple disciplines including informatics, engineering (embedded systems, sensors and wearables), medical science, translational science, ethical and regulatory frameworks. The consortium consists of in total nine members from academia, two large R&D institutes, two hospitals, and three high-tech SMEs from five European countries. The project will develop Digital Twins to enable identification, monitoring, and screening of high-risk patients, and to provide them with the right supportive therapy based on referral decisions that can be personalized. A digital twin is a digital representation of an object or process from the real world in the digital world – and more specifically for the case of DIGIPREDICT – of a patient.

DIGIPREDICT will also develop wearables for early detection of infectious and cardiovascular diseases.

Simon Grant
Ascilion AB
+46 72 887 43 99
[email protected]

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