Arizona Plastic Surgeon Highlights Key Aspects of Breast Implant Removal

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, May 2, 2024 / — Dr. Steven H. Turkeltaub, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and the director of the Arizona Center for Breast Surgery, has extensive experience helping women navigate breast implant removal. This procedure, also known as an “explantation”, represents a significant decision influenced by various personal and medical reasons. To help those considering implant removal make the most informed choices regarding their care, Dr. Turkeltaub offers guidance on the different phases of the process as well as what may be able to be done to maximize the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the breasts after an explantation.

Why Women Choose to Remove Breast Implants

According to Dr. Turkeltaub, common motivations for breast implant removal include the desire for a more natural-looking chest, addressing complications such as capsular contracture or breast implant illness, and shifts in lifestyle or cosmetic preferences. Some women also choose to replace their existing implants with a new set to achieve a different breast aesthetic.

The decision to undergo an explantation is deeply personal and Dr. Turkeltaub encourages patients to be honest with their surgeons so that their treatment plan and outcome can be optimally aligned with their personal goals.

Methods of Breast Implant Removal

Dr. Turkeltaub explains that following a breast augmentation, a natural layer of scar tissue forms around the implants. Referred to as a capsule, this layer of scar tissue is normally soft, thin and flexible. Capsular contracture refers to a hardening of this scar tissue that often results in implant deformities.

When it comes to removing or replacing implants, Dr. Turkeltaub notes that an assessment of the state of the capsule is important in determining the optimal approach. He employs state-of-the-art techniques tailored to the unique needs of each patient, including:

• Simple Removal: The implant is removed without disturbing the surrounding tissues or capsule.

• Partial Capsulectomy: A partial capsulectomy involves the excision of some but not all of the scar capsule surrounding the breast implant. This technique is often appropriate when it is either unnecessary to remove the entire capsule or when doing so would result in functional or cosmetic deficits.

• Total Capsulectomy: This approach involves the complete removal of the capsule, typically in sections, that formed around the implant along with the implant.

• En Bloc Capsulectomy: An en bloc capsulectomy is a sub-type of total capsulectomy that specifically entails the removal of the implant and surrounding capsule together as one unit.

Enhancing Breast Appearance Post-Explantation

Following breast explantation, Dr. Turkeltaub notes that the breasts may appear saggy or deflated as a result of the volume loss related to the implants. While some women who had smaller implants and who retain good skin elasticity may achieve a satisfactory breast appearance naturally, others often choose to undergo an additional breast surgery to enhance the aesthetics of their post-explantation breasts. Dr. Turkeltaub frequently performs breast lift and breast reduction surgery to help remove excess skin and restore a firmer, perkier breast aesthetic after implant removal.

About Steven H. Turkeltaub, MD

Dr. Steven Turkeltaub is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. With decades of expertise and a commitment to personalized care, Dr. Turkeltaub and his team at the Arizona Center for Breast Surgery strive to achieve the best outcomes for their patients, focusing on safety, satisfaction and aesthetic excellence.

In addition to breast implant removal, he also offers numerous other services, including breast augmentation, breast reduction, inverted nipple correction, gynecomastia surgery and transgender top surgery. Dr. Turkeltaub is available for interview upon request.

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