Aesthetic And Cosmetic Surgeons Doesn’t Sleep On Awake High Definition Liposuction For Men

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Tech is changing cosmetic surgery. The next-gen offerings at Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeons, an exclusive boutique office in Los Angeles, exemplify how.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — It is a typical Saturday at Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeons in Woodland Hills, CA. Freddy Mercury is belting out “Don’t Stop Me Now,” over an Alexa on a shelf in an operating room. Dr. Saurabh Jain, MD FAACS, is performing a High Definition liposuction on a male patient. It is a common scene throughout the greater Los Angeles area. But as the song changes, a strange thing happens: the patient raises his head slightly and requests a different song.

In the age of LASER and VASER liposuction techniques, awake procedures aren’t entirely novel. But what is unique about this surgery is that a man is receiving High Definition while he is awake. Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeons is the only practice in the region that does these procedures without general anesthesia. Dr. Jain’s patients receive a combination of tranquilizers and tumescent (local) anesthesia for numbing, but otherwise are comfortably present for their full body transformation.

“Working on the male body is more technically difficult,” Dr. Jain noted. “It is easier to knock the patient out. But asleep procedures come with more complications, a longer recovery time and a bigger price tag.”

The complications the doctor alluded to can be serious – they include heart attack, stroke, difficulty breathing and allergic reactions. And the difference in recovery period is a few days for awake against a few weeks for asleep. The reason healing takes longer is that the body is functionally paralyzed under general anesthesia. While waking up is relatively quick, it takes the body’s systems longer to normalize.

At a quick glance, Dr. Jain is like a lot of other board-certified cosmetic surgeons in LA. He has practiced in California for 18 years, with stops at all of the top hospitals: LAC+USC, UCLA and Cedars-Sinai. He enjoys horseback riding, playing the piano and spending time with his kids. The one hint that he may be a bit of a maverick is his love of piloting aircraft. But in a time where a corporate, high patient volume approach is becoming endemic to the cosmetic surgery industry, Dr. Jain refuses to participate.

“It takes a lot longer to work awake, and I’m fine with that,” Dr. Jain said. “We’re a mom and pop shop. I only want to do one person a day. I want to focus on the body I’m doing until it’s perfect.”

Without a time crunch, it is logical for Dr. Jain to do all of his procedures, including male Hi-Def liposuction, awake. And as a surgeon that specializes in liposuction and fat transfer procedures, the difficulty of the undertaking isn’t an obstacle to him. He is among a select group of cosmetic surgeons that train other surgeons in using the VASER ultrasonic system that is colloquially called the “Lamborghini of Liposuction.”

In line with his insistence on working under local anesthesia, Dr. Jain uses VASER because it is gentler on his patients than LASER and older techniques in the liposuction industry. Like in most semi-invasive surgeries, he only needs 2-4 millimeter incisions to insert his cannulas, separate and suction out fat cells. The technique seldom leaves scarring, and it is always well hidden.

Dr. Jain’s gentle, low-risk approach isn’t unique to his male High Definition cases. It is his methodology for the full suite of next-gen procedures done at Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgeons. For body contouring and fat transfer procedures, Dr. Jain works alongside a skilled body sculptist from the initial office consultation through the patient’s postoperative visits. Their deliberate boutique approach allows their surgeries to be extremely customized. Patients express a specific vision for their body, then a plan is mapped out by the team and executed.

Across the board, their techniques boast some of the best safety profiles in the field, whether their patients are seeking refined or enhanced contours, skin rejuvenation or a chiseled physique. “We spend a lot of time with our patients, so we are very selective about who we work with,” Dr. Jain said. “When we take on a case, we are committed to crafting the body of their dreams.”

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