A New Kind of Tour: Paranormal Healing in Scotland and Ireland

Join a tour of Scotland and Ireland this fall with intuitive healer Pat Longo

Tour to Scotland and Ireland in October

Travel-in-Spirit heads to Scotland and Ireland in October for a spirited journey like no other.

Travels through Scotland and Ireland with a intuitive healer Pat Longo

Travels through Scotland mean storied castle keeps. Photo by Ilene Perlman

Tour Scotland and Ireland with a small group of Spiritual Travel Enthusiasts

Enjoy touring Scotland and Ireland with a small group of Spiritual Travel Enthusiasts. Photo by Ilene Perlman

Join Jenniffer Weigel and Pat Longo on a Mystical Journey of Scotland and Ireland

Join Jenniffer Weigel and Pat Longo on a Mystical Journey of Scotland and Ireland

New travel company brings mediums and healers to shine light on the seen … and unseen … during an in-depth tour of Scotland and Ireland.

Looking for where to travel in 2023? Consider a trip that explores histories and landscapes and also the eye-opening inner psychic landscapes as well.”

— Jenniffer Weigel, producer, The Jen Weigel Show

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Travelers who have been there done that may not have done this – that is traveling with a group of like-minded explorers who are interested in the spirit-focused and paranormal aspects of a journey as well as the beautiful landscapes and compelling histories around them. To that end, Travel-in-Spirit.com has created tours for a new kind of traveler who wants to go deep and explore the inner realms of a travel experience as well as the museums, castles, ancient cities and intriguing monuments that have endured through the centuries in a given destination.

In October, Travel-in-Spirit offers a Mystical Journey to Scotland and Ireland, a one-of-a-kind trip with famed Long-Island healer, Pat Longo. Longo will be a touchstone for travelers in search of clarity as this small and customized tour moves through Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin and mystical portals between, visiting storied castles, inns and landmarks – but with a twist. There will be guides and docents and magical storytellers to spin the histories of these places in not-to-be missed destinations. But traveling with a healer brings new dimensions to this travel experience. Time will be spent looking at realms noted for paranormal activity and meeting notable local intuitives along the way.

Pat Longo has been a sought-out healer and teacher for more than 30 years. She discovered and mentored famed mediums such as Teresa Caputo, MaryAnn DiMarco and Kim Russo to name a few. She came to understand her skills slowly and relatively late in life when, at the age of 40 a mentor helped her understand that the heat she was feeling in her hands was a force that needed to be contained, channeled and used. Working with her gifts she learned they were inherited from a long line of gifted intuitives in her family. Today, she helps others tap into their own inborn gifts and also communicate with guides, forces and loved ones trying to reach them.

Pat Longo’s latest book, “The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety,” discusses how to focus and recognize the messages from beyond that need to be heard. In this Travel-in-Spirit tour, guests will not only have the chance to experience the unseen while exploring the sacred places and portals that are key to the lore of Scotland and Ireland, but also enjoy group sessions in the psychic arts and personal readings during this eight-day journey.

Co-hosting the journey is Jenniffer Weigel, Emmy Award winning journalist, author, and storyteller who has been investigating all things paranormal for over two decades. Her popular podcast, “The Jen Weigel Show,” attracts more than 15,000 downloads per week, and her SPIRITUAL SOCIAL CLUB– which meets both in person, and on Zoom, has connected seekers from around the globe with sessions managed by known practitioners in the healing and psychic arts. She has authored four humorous memoirs about spirituality including her most popular, “I’m Spiritual, Dammit!,” which has been translated into several languages. Jen has over eight books on Audible, and her latest — “Intuition is Your Super Power” — rose to the Audible best seller list in the winter of 2022.

Travel-in-Spirit’s Journey to Scotland, Ireland and Beyond runs Oct. 12-19, 2023. Rates start at $6000 depending on number participants, single supplement on request.

Information: Travel-in-Spirit.com, [email protected].

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