A Parent’s Guide” by Dr. Patrick M. Dallabetta

Author Details Fundamental Solutions for Enhancing Elementary Education in the United States

UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned educator and author Dr. Patrick M. Dallabetta announces the release of his latest book, “Fixing American Elementary Education: A Parent’s Guide.” With over three decades of experience as a teacher, principal, and school superintendent, Dr. Dallabetta has distilled his expertise into a comprehensive guide for parents seeking to understand and improve the quality of elementary education in America.
About the Book:

“Fixing American Elementary Education: A Parent’s Guide” addresses the critical issues affecting elementary schools today. Dr. Dallabetta examines the factors contributing to subpar student performance and empowers parents with the knowledge to assess and advocate for better educational opportunities for their children. From navigating through complex educational theories to understanding school safety protocols and special education rights, this book equips parents with actionable insights to foster improved academic outcomes.

Author’s Background:

Dr. Patrick M. Dallabetta holds a Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral Degree in Education Administration from Northern Arizona University. His distinguished career includes leadership roles as a superintendent and advocacy for educational reform. He has authored several acclaimed books and received numerous accolades for his contributions to education. “I have been concerned about the poor performance of American children for many years,” says Dr. Dallabetta. “This book aims to elucidate the specific challenges hindering our educational system and offers practical solutions to elevate elementary education standards.”

“Fixing American Elementary Education: A Parent’s Guide” empowers parents to:

• Understand the critical components of effective elementary education.

• Advocate for improved school programs and safety measures.

• Navigate special education programming and rights.

• Evaluate and influence positive changes in their children’s schools.

Availability: The book is available for purchase at major retailers and through Dr. Dallabetta’s website, patrickdallabetta.com.

About the Author: Dr. Patrick M. Dallabetta has dedicated his career to improving educational outcomes for children across America. In addition to his professional publications, he has authored insightful children’s books that celebrate cultural diversity and historical heritage.For more information about “Fixing American Elementary

Education: A Parent’s Guide” and to connect with Dr. Patrick M. Dallabetta, please visit patrickdallabetta.com.

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