Yayday app surpasses 200,000 birthday freebies

Yayday: 200,000 Birthday Freebies

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Yayday was developed for a unique purpose: To identify deals, or “freebies” as the app calls them, available to users on and around their birthdays.

USA, February 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yayday, an app available nationwide, was developed for a unique purpose: To identify deals, or “freebies” as the app calls them, available to users on and around their birthdays.

Using location-based technology similar to apps like Uber, Yayday identifies offers from a variety of businesses that are in the user’s near proximity. To date, the app has collected over 200,000 such deals at locations across the country.

“People are searching online for birthday deals every day, so we decided to make it easy,” said Yayday founder Corey Ross. “Our research analysts scan the country looking for birthday-related deals. These deals are then validated and compiled into the app.”

The app gives users the ability to browse and save deals related to their personal interests, explained Ross. “While the app includes deals for expected birthday items like free dessert, Yayday also identifies deals related to personal interests like golf, spa treatments, and even skydiving. Helping people save money and celebrate their birthdays in memorable ways is what Yayday is all about.”

The Yayday app also provides users with a smart Wishlist feature that, much like a wedding registry, stores a list of items users desire. These lists can be shared with contacts, including those who aren’t on the Yayday app, and can be used for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other times gifts are exchanged. The Wishlist feature connects with online retailers like Amazon and keeps track of purchased gifts to avoid duplicate gifts being given.

“We also want to ensure people don’t forget important birthdays,” said Ross. “When you add your friends and loved ones on the app, Yayday reminds you when their birthdays are coming up.”

“We’re finding the app is especially attractive for smaller businesses without big marketing and advertising budgets,” said Johnny Warren, COO. “These businesses attract customers celebrating their birthdays every day of the week, including slower business days. The average birthday outing brings more people and higher tabs, which can translate to greater profits for businesses with deals on Yayday.”

You can learn more about Yayday at www.yayday.fun

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