Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Announces Exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Unlock the Secret to Revitalized Hair with Unprecedented Deals

Joining Vitamins at 17, I’ve seen our evolution from close quarters. This Black Friday, we’re excited to share our heritage of excellence with our customers”

— Haim Shir, General Manager

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 16, 2023 / — Vitamins Hair Cosmetics, renowned for its bespoke hair treatment solutions, is set to delight customers with its annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. As the festive season approaches, the brand invites everyone to indulge in their acclaimed hair care range at generous discounts.

Established over 70 years ago by Mr. Haim Shetrit, Vitamins Hair Cosmetics continues to thrive under the guidance of his successors. Izik Shir, the CEO, and Haim Shir, the General Manager, carry on the legacy steadfastly committed to quality, eco-friendly practices, and innovation in hair care.

Haim Shir, reflecting on his journey with the company, remarks, “Joining Vitamins at 17, I’ve seen our evolution from close quarters. Our focus on R&D and global market expansion honors our grandfather’s vision. This Black Friday, we’re excited to share our heritage of excellence with our customers.”

From November 20-26, seize the opportunity to indulge in our best-selling Keratin Hair Mask at a special 20% off for Black Friday. This mask isn’t just a hair care product; it’s a rejuvenating experience for your hair, offering:

Silk Softener with Keratin Collagen: Transforms hair into stunning, silky smooth locks in minutes. It’s infused with Moroccan Argan and coconut oils for a sleek, natural shine.

Intensive Deep Conditioning: Nourishes and hydrates damaged hair, restoring health and vitality to color-treated and dry hair. It’s the perfect recovery treatment for extremely brittle hair.

Biotin & Castor Oil Complex: Strengthens and moisturizes, promoting a healthy mane. Ideal for repairing bleached and colored hair, it revitalizes both scalp and roots.

Advanced Frizz Control: Provides long-lasting moisture and ease for frizzy hair, making styling smoother. It also offers anti-breakage thermal protection to prevent heat damage.

From November 27th to December 4th, get ready for exclusive Cyber Monday deals on three of Vitamins’ top products. Enjoy 20% off and transform your hair care routine with these exceptional offers:

1. Keratin Hair Serum

Salon-Like Softness and Shine: Infused with Moroccan Argan and Coconut oils, this serum leaves hair luxurious, silky, and sleek.

Protein Repair for Dry and Damaged Hair: Revives and restores from scalp to roots, ideal for color-treated and damaged hair.

Heat Protection and Frizz Control: Strengthens hair with Biotin and Castor Oil, offering a protective shield against heat and sun damage while managing frizz across all hair types.

2. Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask

Color Depositing for Tone Correction: Eliminates brassy tones, perfect for maintaining the vibrancy of blonde, platinum, and silver hair.

Enhanced Color and UV Protection: Provides rich, perfect color between salon visits and protects from UV damage.

Deep Conditioning for Damaged Hair: Intensive hydration therapy revitalizes and nourishes, restoring health to color-treated hair.

3. Vitamins Keratin Shampoo Hair Treatment

Deep Cleansing for Luminous Look: Offers a salon-quality cleanse, leaving hair with a radiant, blowout look.

Strengthening with Biotin and Castor Oil: Promotes hair growth and restores balance, ideal for all hair textures.

Moisture Infusion for Healthy Hair: Provides intensive hydration, repairing split ends and relieving scalp

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your hair care experience with these top-tier products at unbeatable prices.

Transform your hair into a head-turning, radiant mane with Vitamins’ advanced hair care solutions.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events invite you to experience the pinnacle of hair care excellence that Vitamins Hair Cosmetics is celebrated for.

For further information, customer service, and purchasing details, customers are encouraged to visit the Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Amazon Store.

About Vitamins Hair Cosmetics

Founded by Mr. Haim Shetrit, an acclaimed apothecary, Vitamins Hair Cosmetics has been a leader in hair and body-care solutions for over seven decades. Grounded in natural, eco-friendly, and toxic-free ingredients, the company upholds the founder’s tradition of exceptional quality and innovative hair care products for its valued customers.

Today, the legacy of Vitamins Hair Cosmetics is carried forward by the second and third generations of the Shetrit family. Izik Shir, representing the second generation as CEO, alongside Haim Shir, the third generation and current General Manager, continue to build upon this rich heritage. Their leadership ensures that the brand remains at the forefront of hair care innovation, seamlessly blending time-honored practices with modern advancements to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

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