Unravelling Ultimate Secrets of the Software Development Outsourcing Industry: Unmissable Q&A with DigitalShock CEO

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How The Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies Help Developers Build Apps & Games, & how www.DigitalShock.io thinks about video game art outsourcing.

In the world of animation, you know, film and game development, there are opportunities to bring characters to life and create truly remarkable experiences.”

— B. Dragan Jankovic, CEO

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — We sat down with B. Dragan Jankovic, the new President & CEO of DigitalShock, industry-leading 3D art outsourcing studio and software development offshoring company, to chat about the video game development and the software outsourcing industry, his personal experiences, benefits, challenges, and opportunities in 2023 and beyond. The following is a partial transcript from that Q&A. 

Q: Talk to us about the top software development outsourcing companies, and why they are so widely deployed in the modern market today?

A: “When clients partner with the best software development outsourcing companies they can focus on what they do best, creating captivating gameplay, telling stories and engaging their audience. By entrusting some of the technical complexities to professionals that have worked on many similar projects previously; clients can ensure that their apps and games are crafted to perfection.”

Q: What about AI, how do you see that impacting the video game industry? Do you see any areas that may be upset or disrupted by the current artificial intelligence advancements and the ones soon to come?

A: “AI already permeates the pipeline and has been for a few years now, so I think we’ll continue to see this technology affect many facets if not every element of the software development or 3D art production pipeline over the next few years. Concept art, cover art, and storyboarding are already in the early stages of being disrupted by generative AI, but I think film & animation is also going to be revolutionized, in short order, on a short time frame, and en masse.” 

Q: Can you expand on that and what it means for animation studios and video game outsourcing companies going forward?

A: “When developers collaborate with the best animation outsourcing companies, for example, those top animation studios bring in perspectives and unique artistic styles that enhance the experience of their game or app. Skilled animators and illustrators have the ability to create captivating characters and immersive storylines resulting in a gaming experience that stands out. In the world of animation, you know, film and game development, there are opportunities to bring characters to life and create remarkable experiences. Skilled professionals, in this field excel at adding depth and personality to game worlds through their high-quality animations.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that achieving this expertise requires significant time and investment. The good news is that as technology advances and becomes more accessible the barriers to entry in the animation industry are being significantly lowered. Consequently. collaborating with the best animation studios will now focus more on fostering creativity and fresh ideas rather than solely relying on capabilities or quantitative measures. Ultimately, entrusting something like animation, just as an example, to the best video game development outsourcing studios in the world brings an abundance of animation expertise to app and video game development. This enriches the user experience with visually stunning and captivating animations, and I don’t think this will change. But I do think competition will increase across the board, and those who are slow to move may be left behind. There are safe and legally conscious ways to deploy AI, we don’t need to be hysterical. What we do need to do, is be diligent. DigitalShock takes a forward-thinking approach to these technologies and provides options and customized solutions for our clients, so we feel like we’re offering the best of both worlds. And we’re excited to start undercutting our competitors and pass on the AI cost savings to our clients. However, we also advise our clients to be very conscious of how they deploy AI solutions, legally speaking. Although they are massively improving month over month, and the top video game outsourcing studios all understand that the MAJOR publishers have very specific needs, and will be slower to move away from those traditional workflows. In the end, it will be beneficial for everybody, because more can be done with less now. But in the beginning, it will be chaos.”

Q: And finally, what are your thoughts on software development outsourcing as a whole, when to do it, what to look for, and how to pick a service provider? 

“I do have an article I published recently on LinkedIn about that, I highly recommend it to anyone who would like a detailed guide that will reduce their risk and make their decision process that much less strenuous. They can find that article at https://www.linkedin.com/in/digitalshock/. But with that said, when game studios and app startups collaborate with the best video game development outsourcing companies, they have the opportunity to create truly outstanding games. These developers bring their extensive expertise and creativity to the table to bring polished and phenomenal results.

Their specialized experience, in developing award-winning titles allows them to create games that truly resonate with players. Collaborating with developers also offers benefits for studios as it allows them to tap into specialized skills like AI, or 3D art, or video game multiplayer functionality. By leveraging these experts’ knowledge studios can elevate their games to new heights. It’s an investment ensuring that players receive the engagement and long-term enjoyment they crave and deserve. When seasoned professionals tailor games to match players’ preferences the response is overwhelmingly positive.

Additionally, studios should carefully consider their locations when outsourcing development work. Factors like time zones, cultural understanding and access to talent pools can greatly contribute to smooth collaborations. Working with partners allows for ambitious visions for projects to become a reality. Overall, outsourcing game development offers studios an opportunity to tap into talent and expertise at an incomparable level. This collaboration elevates games by delivering quality, innovation and the fun factor – which is why we’ve always said: “DigitalShock makes video games FUN.”

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