Turn Around and See the Lord by Joy Vassal

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This inspirational book is written about the experience that Mary Magdalene had with Jesus Christ and his Angels at the Lord’s Sepulcher. Joy relates Mary’s human frailties to the emotional discomfort, stress, poverty, famine, social mishap, and political servitude that may come upon us. These hardships, she believes are inflicted upon some believers because of their wickedness, stubbornness, unbelief, and lack of simple trust in Jehovah. She recommends that there is a need for change or repentance. Joy has put together in excess of twenty renowned biblical characters and her personal life testimonials. To address some challenges our generation is facing with idol worship and adulterous and obnoxious practices.


Apostle Joy Vassal received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Bible Institute of America Incl. She also completed a course on Domestic Violence with North America Learning Institute in August 2021. Dr. Apostle Joy Vassal matriculated in the Ministerial Affirmation and the Ministerial Internship Programs offered by the Church of God and Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee. Joy got an Addiction Social Workers Diploma at Everest College and is the author of five books.

Dr. Apostle Joy Vassal’s books are available on Amazon: Your Destiny is not determined by what you Visualised, Turn Around and See the Lord, Demons are Real, Healing is the Children’s Bread, and Pray Until Something Happens. Joy prayers and interests are for every woman to arise like Ruth and Noami to fulfill their destinies.

You can watch Dr. Apostle Joy Vassal’s interview with Logan Crawford on Spotlight Network through this link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3ne1xwxOJc&feature=youtu.be. You may visit her website at this link, https://ghopministries.ca/. Also, you can check her book on Amazon through this link, https://a.co/d/9P8rW7i.

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Turn Around and See the Lord – on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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