The Humanity Code Documentary Unites Global Voices to Shape AI’s Role in Realizing an Aspirational Future

The Humanity Code Director Sergio Navarretta on video call with the team

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The Humanity Code – the race to imprint our highest ideals on AI

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The Humanity Code Dialogue Dinner – Richmond, CA

Award-winning director Sergio Navarretta and actor-humanitarian James Haven join groundbreaking project led by Silicon Valley veteran Heidi Lorenzen

There is no greater mission for humanity right now than to ensure we shape our future with AI, rather than allowing it to shape us.”

— Heidi Lorenzen

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, June 25, 2024 / — The Humanity Code, a pioneering documentary and global impact initiative, today announced that internationally acclaimed filmmaker Sergio Navarretta, renowned for his visually stunning and emotionally resonant films including The Cuban, starring Louis Gossett, Jr, is officially “attached” as director of the film. Actor, filmmaker, and humanitarian James Haven, son of actor Jon Voight and known for impactful work alongside sister Angelina Jolie, will serve as creative advisor to this important initiative.

The project seeks to redefine humanity’s relationship with artificial intelligence (AI), challenging the current limited narratives of fear or the blind pursuit of AI for efficiency, toward critical discussion and urgent action to envision and co-create a positive and enriching co-existence.

”There is no greater mission for humanity right now than to ensure we shape our future with AI, rather than allowing it to shape us,” said The Humanity Code Founder and Executive Producer, Heidi Lorenzen, a 35 year veteran of Silicon Valley and media shifting paradigms in AI thought leadership. “AI is the most powerful tool ever created, capable of transforming our world in ways we are only beginning to imagine. Our goal with The Humanity Code is to ignite positive and effective action in how we use, build, and govern AI to steer this transformative power toward a future we can collectively envision and want to live in. This is a crucial shift from the current zeitgeist of seeing AI as merely the latest ‘shiny object’ or as a source of angst.”

Slated for a 2025 release, the feature-length documentary is not a technical film, but an urgent appeal to decode what it means to be human, so that we can encode AI with our highest ideals while we still have time. It will feature international perspectives from ethicists, business leaders, artists, spiritual leaders, activists, policymakers, technologists, and other unique voices, creating a much-needed, cross-discipline exploration of one of the most existential topics of our time.

Director Sergio Navarretta expressed his excitement and vision for the project: “With The Humanity Code, we’re embarking on a visual and philosophical odyssey that transcends conventional boundaries. Not since the Age of Enlightenment have we had such an opportunity to delve into the very essence of humanity, exploring not just what we are, but what we could and aspire to become. In an era where AI is rapidly reshaping life in ways we may never completely grasp, this work is more important than ever. By unraveling the complexities of human nature and exploring our creativity, empathy, morality, and consciousness, we can build a crucial foundation for shaping AI that complements and enhances our humanity rather than diminishes it. This is the crucial journey The Humanity Code will illuminate.”

The story arc will transcend what the filmmakers believe are the table stakes of ethics and safety, to explore how the extraordinary and incomprehensible power of AI can positively revolutionize a better human experience. It will delve into AI’s potential to push boundaries in diverse areas such as health, education, the arts, mobility, environmental protection, economics, and beyond.

James Haven, known for his Hollywood lineage and humanitarian accomplishments, brings a unique perspective shaped by his lifelong exposure to the entertainment industry’s influence. He stated, “Throughout history, humanity has innovated and leveraged technology out of necessity or for profit—think fire, electricity, and the internet. Today, we stand at the threshold of using AI not just to meet our needs, but to elevate our collective well-being. This is our chance to harness AI as a force for good, learning from past oversights in the ethical use of transformative innovation such as social media and nuclear power. The Humanity Code has the potential to ignite a global movement, inspiring thoughtful use and development of inclusive AI and expanding the horizons of what’s possible for our shared future.”

The movie is not just timely, but time sensitive. Experts suggest there is a narrow window of opportunity for humanity to guide AI’s development before its capabilities potentially outpace our ability to control its direction. Addressing this urgency, the team aims to complete the film on an accelerated timeline to maximize its impact during these crucial formative days. To achieve this ambitious goal, they are innovatively employing cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance production efficiency while staying true to the project’s human-centered ethos – a practical demonstration of AI’s potential when guided by human intention and values.

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