The Essential Insight of the True ‘Illuminati’ Is Shared by Blogger Mark Russell Bell

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This photo montage shows an image of a portion of a message left in bird gravel at the home where 'talking poltergeist phenomena' was occurring in comparison with some Pop culture examples of 'The M Pattern.'

The photo of a portion of a message left in bird gravel at the home where ‘talking poltergeist phenomena’ was occurring is shown in comparison with some Pop culture images that provide examples of ‘The M Pattern.’

Two photos are shown — a book cover of The Secret Teachings of All Ages (first published under a different title in 1928) and the author of the book, Manly P. Hall (1901-1990), who eventually became a 33° Mason.

The most famous book by Manly P. Hall (1901-1990) is The Secret Teachings of All Ages, first published with a different title in 1928 many years prior to when he became a 33° Mason.

Evidence Found in Documented ‘Paranormal Phenomena’ Case Chronologies Present Parallels with ‘Secret Teachings’ Identified By Author and 33° Mason Manly P. Hall

. . . I considered, ‘Where do our thoughts come from?’ and realized that every one of us must interact with some omnipresent ultimate thought Source.”

— Mark Russell Bell

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 25, 2024 / — The new blog article “This Is the Essential Insight for Considering Oneself to Be a True ‘Illuminati'” was inspired by the attention given online to photographs of Pop culture celebrities in poses symbolically suggestive of the ‘all-seeing eye.’

At the age of 39, Mark Russell Bell’s life seemed to be like those of other people in relation to attempting to make sense of metaphysical aspects of life. He was working as a movie publicity writer for Paramount Pictures in 1995 when his ‘paranormal initiation’ suddenly gained momentum following his expedition to interview an Oklahoma family experiencing ‘talking poltergeist’ phenomena. Prophetically, some of the movies that he’d helped to publicize had metaphysical themes, including “The Butcher’s Wife” (psychic abilities), “Dead Again” (reincarnation), “Fire In The Sky” (UFOlogy), “Ghost,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Leap of Faith” (spiritual healing), “Scrooged,” several “Star Trek” films, and “We’re No Angels.”

Upon returning home to Los Angeles only to find the paranormal occurrences continuing to manifest around him, all of his perceptions about the nature of life altered. Bell was later recommended to attend weekly lectures at the Philosophical Research Society founded by Manly P. Hall (1901-1990).

Hall wrote in a 1970 issue of his PRS Journal publication: “. . . Bodhi, or eternal mind, is the great communicator, and all existence receives the messages of the One Supreme Consciousness . . . Through countless evolving structures infinite wisdom reveals itself for the benefit of created beings . . . We are here to outgrow our own limitations and to dedicate our resources to the service of the eternal power that fashioned us . . . Happiness is a byproduct of personal integrity.”

While Hall mentioned that he, himself, “was not interested in promulgating an original revelation,” Bell published his nonfiction case study book TESTAMENT to inform people about his consciousness-expanding experiences with a free Internet edition. He began blogging in 2009. Bell recalls in the new article:

“After returning home to Los Angeles, the gamut of continuing phenomenal manifestations included the materialization of coins and my television coming on and then going off to bring me brief ‘messages’ — such as a commercial with a commentator’s voiceover saying ‘Love is the only religion.’ Sometimes when I conversed with other people it became obvious that they were being ‘overshadowed’ because there were correlations between spontaneous comments of various individuals who interacted with me, often with observations that seemed unusually astute. For example, when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder that year a succession of strangers all spontaneously said to me that they ‘just didn’t want there to be riots.’ After many predicaments such as this, I considered, ‘Where do our thoughts come from?’ and realized that every one of us must interact with some omnipresent ultimate thought Source.”

Bell observes about Manly P. Hall in the new blog article, “. . . some of the insights he offered were a corroboration of the knowledge I’d gained from my ‘paranormal initiation.'”

Previous articles at Bell’s blog about Hall and the PRS include “The Ancient Mystery Teachings Divulged” and “An Esoteric ‘Mystery School’ of the 1990s.” The articles were published in 2020 and include this observation:

“Becoming familiar with some of Manly P. Hall’s writings, I realized that my initiatory experiences were different than his. In comparison to Manly who became a Mason, there was no need for me to join any secret society to expand my spiritual knowledge. There should never be any secrecy in relation to spiritual knowledge.”

Bell considers secrecy about evidence relating to metaphysical, spiritual and cosmological aspects of life as a significant factor contributing to “widespread ignorance and misunderstandings about what can be known about incorporeal conditions impacting each human being’s intellect and emotions.”

The new blog article describes some of the circumstances that have resulted with Bell sharing the knowledge that “every individual human being is a unique aspect/personality/unit of ‘The God Force.'” The 725+ articles at the Metaphysical Articles blog include many about ‘Channeling’/’trance mediumship’ cases that encompass communicating entities using the expression ‘God Force,’ including those who manifested through channelers Edgar Cayce, Leslie Flint, Eileen Garrett, Helen Greaves, Thomas Jacobson*, JZ Knight*, Gladys Osborne Leonard, Jach Pursel*, Estelle Roberts, Jane Roberts, Pat Rodegast, Neville Rowe and Kevin Ryerson*. (*contemporary cases)

Mark Russell Bell is available for interviews and to answer any questions from journalists. For more details about Bell, see the previous EIN Presswire news release “Biden, Trump and the Election System Is the New Metaphysical Articles Blog Topic.”

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