The Carol Connors Story hits #4 on Amazon for Pop Star Memoirs

The Carol Connors Story hits #4 on Amazon for Pop Star Memoirs

Carol Connors and Barbie Benton

Elvis, Rocky and Me: The Carol Connors Story hits #4 on Amazon for Pop Star Memoirs

Taylor Swift and I write about the men we love in our music, I started doing that back in the 1970’s””

— Carol Connors, Elvis, Rocky and Me:The Carol Connors Story

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, July 8, 2024 / — Carol Connors who co-wrote “Gonna Fly Now” called by AFI one of the most important Movie songs of all time, among other Iconic hit songs, and who has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards, 2 Golden Globes, 5 Emmy’s and a Grammy nomination just one nomination shy from being a EGOT nominee in her career, has written a book called “ELVIS, ROCKY AND ME…The Carol Connors Story, Co-written by Steven Bergsman.

Elvis, Rocky and Me: The Carol Connors Story is the #4 Best Selling Book for Pop Stars Memoirs , the only pop star to rank higher is Taylor Swifts book, Connors said “Taylor Swift and I both write about our loves in our music, I did that that starting back in the 1970’s!”

For the first time ever, Connors talks openly about her time with Elvis, and other famous men in Hollywood she loved and had relationships with. This tell all book chronicles her many true adventures as a celebrity, lover, singer, Scuba Diver aka Mermaid, and songwriter, the stories that have never been told until now!

Connors details in the book about her relationship with Elvis which lasted for almost a year, and months into that relationship Elvis became her first lover and the first man she would fall in love with. Connors says, “To find out the details about my romance with Elvis, you’re going to have to buy the book on amazon and everywhere books are sold.”

The book is filled with great showbiz stories about her life, loves, and career including singing on her first hit record “TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM” from the genius of Rock n Roll, the infamous Phil Spector who wrote the song for Carol’s voice. Connors was and will always be the voice of The Teddy Bears.

Connors co-wrote the ROCKY theme song “GONNA FLY NOW” & what is one the of the greatest love songs of our time “With You I’m Born Again” as recorded by Billy Preston & Syreeta. Another music highlight in Conners career was the hit song “Little Cobra” which soared to #2 on the billboard charts and is the reason the Cobra Muscle car became a big seller, in fact, Connors is the only female singer/songwriter to do a song about a car, to writing songs for Disney’s Oscar Nominated animated feature Walt Disney’s “The Rescuers” and wrote the majority of the lyrics and music for the film. And many, many more. Go behind the musical curtain and learn about some of the most amazing stories you will ever read.

What stars are saying about the book

TV Icon Barbie Benton said “There is nobody like Carol Connors…Thank God!

Her loyalty to her friends is like a Spider’s web. There is a strong bond, and we have no means of escape. She has dozens of friends, and they love her unconditionally.”

15-time Academy Award Nominated songwriter Diane Warren who received the Honorary Oscar in 2022 said, “From the Teddy Bears and being the beautiful voice behind Phil Spector’s first hit “To Know Him Is to Love Him,” to Rocky, Carol Connors has always had the right song for the right moment. Her songs have become a part of the fabric of our culture.”

A Docufilm has been completed called ELVIS, ROCKY AND ME…The Carol Connors Story, and is in post-production slated to release later this year. The Docufilm is produced by Chip Rosenbloom and Dahlia Heyman and is directed by Alex Rotaru. Heyman co- wrote the Docufilm.

Heyman and Rosenbloom said, “Carol Connors is a trailblazer who has been at the center of some of the most significant cultural touch points of the last 50 years- we are incredibly excited to finally share her story with the world.”

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