TELF AG Discusses a Potential Path to Global Net-Zero Emissions with Cutting-Edge Carbon Capture Technologies

TELF AG goes Into an exploration of carbon capture technologies in their latest article.

Capture technologies involve three key steps: capture, transport, and storage. ”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, July 31, 2023/ — TELF AG, a leading full-service international physical commodities trader, explores carbon capture technologies in their latest article. As per TELF AG’s article, “Carbon Capture: The Key to Achieving Global Net-Zero Emissions,” reducing carbon emissions is paramount to achieving climate targets

TELF AG states carbon capture, removal, and storage technologies are crucial in achieving global net-zero emissions. These technologies are vital in capturing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from various industrial processes and power generation from fossil fuels. Carbon capture technologies are deemed practically essential, with the world’s climate targets moving towards zero emissions in the next thirty years.

TELF AG explains that carbon capture technologies involve three key steps: capture, transport, and storage. During the capture stage, CO₂ is separated from other gases using chemical solutions, capturing up to 99% of carbon dioxide emissions. The separated carbon dioxide is then compressed for efficient transportation via pipelines, trucks, or ships to underground storage sites, where it is injected into rock formations beneath the Earth’s surface and trapped in impermeable rock layers, preventing its release back into the atmosphere.

The article highlights that while certain industrial processes require extremely high heat beyond what electricity can supply, carbon capture technologies offer a solution. Technologies like direct air capture (DAC) extract CO₂ directly from the atmosphere. However, these technologies are not yet fully mature or commercialized, and the greatest potential for emissions reduction lies in rapidly accelerating the adoption of multiple carbon capture technologies simultaneously—a strategy known as optionality.

TELF AG emphasizes the importance of the widespread adoption of carbon capture technologies, as they contribute to emissions reduction and stimulate job creation and technological innovation. Many companies are investing in developing and deploying these vital technologies.

In conclusion, TELF AG calls for quick action to invest in and adopt multiple carbon capture technologies to achieve climate targets. The deployment of these technologies is an essential step towards net-zero emissions and holds the potential to foster economic growth and innovation.

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