Summer Short Film Festival in Paris: A Must-Attend Cinematic Event from August 21 to 27,  2024

Summer Short Film Festival in Paris: A Must-Attend Cinematic Event from August 21 to 27,  2024

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Flyer Summer short film festival

Flyer Summer short film festival

Cinema Pathé La Villette

Cinema Pathé La Villette

Discover the film screenings, the cinema workshops and the seminar creating a cinematic film from A to Z.

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— Julia Dubreuil

PARIS, FRANCE, July 4, 2024 / — This summer, Paris is set to host the Summer Short Film Festival, a premier cinematic event taking place from August 21 to 27, 2024. Two iconic venues in the capital, Pathé La Villette cinema and Markez La Folie L5, will be the hosts of this unique celebration dedicated to short films.

A Diverse and Exciting Program

The Summer Short Film Festival offers a variety of activities that will delight cinema enthusiasts from all backgrounds:

Film Screenings:

Throughout the week, screening sessions will showcase an eclectic selection of short films.

Works by emerging directors will be presented alongside those of established filmmakers, giving the audience an exceptional opportunity to discover diverse talents and cinematic styles. Each screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the directors, allowing for enriching exchanges with the creators. Participants will also have the chance to win money for their correct answers to the questionnaires. VIP and Premium seats will be able to easily interact with the presenter to answer questions.

Cinema Workshops:

Alongside the screenings, practical workshops will allow participants to learn about various

aspects of filmmaking. From scriptwriting to editing, including directing actors and

cinematography, these workshops will be led by industry professionals and will provide

valuable skills for developing personal projects. In addition, the best creations from the

workshops can also receive financial rewards.

Seminar “Creating a Cinematic Film from A to Z”:

One of the highlights of this edition will be the seminar titled “Creating a Cinematic Film

from A to Z”. This immersive seminar, held over several days, will guide participants through

each step of filmmaking, from the initial concept to final distribution. Industry experts will

share their knowledge and experiences, offering practical advice and inspiring perspectives.

Collaborative Evening:

Following the seminar, a collaborative evening will be organized, providing a platform for

participants to apply the knowledge gained. This event will be a unique opportunity to

network, exchange ideas, and collaborate on future projects. Cash prizes will be awarded to

the most promising projects, offering essential financial support for film production.

An Event Open to All

The Summer Short Film Festival is aimed at a broad and diverse audience. Whether you are

a cinema enthusiast, film student, aspiring filmmaker, or simply curious, this event is for you. The activities offered are accessible to all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Practical Information

The two main venues of the event, Pathé La Villette cinema and Markez La Folie L5, are

easily accessible by public transport. Tickets for the screenings and workshops can be

purchased online or on-site. It is recommended to book in advance, as some events may

quickly sell out.

For more information on the detailed program and to book your tickets, visit the official

website of the Summer Short Film Festival Booking tickets website :

You can also do a Google search in french like this “Fête du court-métrage d’été Seven

Diamonds Production Universe”.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dive into the captivating world of short films and meet

cinema professionals in Paris this summer. The Summer Short Film Festival promises to offer

unforgettable and inspiring moments, as well as financial opportunities for the most

innovative projects.

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About the Summer Short Film Festival:

The Summer Short Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to celebrating short films,

providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to showcase their works and

share their passion for cinema.

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