Steve Dziadik Writes a Critical Examination of Road Safety in “How’s My Driving?”

Sharing the truth behind America’s car crash epidemic.

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 / — Steve Dziadik, a seasoned driving instructor and insurance professional, publishes “How’s My Driving?: Why Every Other Driver Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue.” Drawing from a lifetime of harrowing experiences on the road, Dziadik’s work serves as both a poignant memoir and a stark wake-up call to drivers nationwide.

Dziadik’s journey, which began at the age of seven behind the wheel, has been marred by tragic accidents that nearly claimed his life and those of his loved ones. His impassioned plea stems from personal losses, including the heartbreaking impact of a crash that took an unborn child. This reissued edition not only chronicles these deeply personal events but also offers invaluable insights into mitigating risk and understanding the true importance of adequate insurance coverage.

In “How’s My Driving?,” Dziadik challenges the prevailing myth of invincibility that plagues automobile drivers everywhere. With meticulous detail, he dissects the root causes of car crashes and advocates for a paradigm shift towards safer driving practices. Through practical advice and real-life anecdotes, he underscores the imperative of mindfulness, proper vehicle use, and responsible road behavior.

This book is a call to action—it’s about saving lives. Each page amplifies the fact that no driver is immune to the consequences of reckless behavior. As a driving school owner and insurance professional, Dziadik enlightens readers on the perils of overconfidence behind the wheel.

A seminal work in driver education and road safety advocacy, challenging readers to reassess their driving habits and embrace a culture of caution and accountability on the road, “How’s My Driving?: Why Every Other Driver Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue” by Steve Dziadik is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Reading Glass Books, and other major online bookstore retailers.

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