Singer Brian Evans To Release Autobiography

Singer and Writer Brian Evans will write his autobiography and be polygraphed.

As many autobiographies by celebrities have included falsities, Evans autobiography will feature an Epilogue that includes an FBI Polygraph Examination

The likes of Oprah will be able to believe my book because it will include an epilogue of a polygraph examination.”

— Brian Evans

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 29, 2024 / — Brian Evans, the singer known for such songs as “At Fenway” and “Creature at The Bates Motel,” is writing his autobiography.

His autobiography, however, will be one for the record books. It will include an Epilogue by an FBI agent who will conduct a polygraph examination that even Evans will not see the results of until the book is published.

“As we have seen happen to Oprah and others, books have been promoted as true stories that actually are not,” says Evans. “I have so many stories to tell, no one would ever believe it, so I came up with this idea to be polygraphed.”

Evans, who has been the opening act for stars ranging from David Spade to Joan Rivers to Jay Leno and Social Distortion, wants to make it clear that his story is true, and having a retired FBI agent who specializes in polygraph examinations is the way he intends to go.

Once the nominee for the US Congress while living on Maui, Evans will tell the story of life, the tragedy involving his mother, being present during the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the Maui Wildfires.

With hundreds of songs recorded as a singer, his music is heard on such popular TV shows such as the Netflix series “BoJack Horseman” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Growing up in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Evans intends to discuss his work in the entertainment industry, but also his brief stint in politics when the likes of Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges and William Shatner helped Evans bring attention to the condition known as Sleep Apnea.

“I intend to tell the truth about absolutely everything,” says Evans. “I intend on telling my story, but also revealing wrongs that I’ve done and have been done to me. Often times people hear one side of the story about any given issue, but my story will be confirmed by a polygraph examination because everybody lies, and I won’t,” says Evans.

Evans was also the subject of a documentary about actress Angelina Jolie and will discuss stories about Frank Sinatra.

“The things I am going to say in this book, the stories I will be telling, you just wouldn’t believe unless I had someone disassociated with me ask me questions relevant to the story I will tell confirming that what I am saying is true,” he says. “And believe me, most of the stories I am going to tell you absolutely would never believe unless I did so. So many things have happened in my life where people throughout my life have said things that were just not true, and I’m going to prove it,” says Evans.

Evans has appeared on The Howard Stern Show twice about his life. A quote from Stern is on the cover of Evans book.

He is also an accomplished author, with his novel “Horrorscope” recently being adapted to become a graphic novel. He is currently working on taking the graphic novel to the next level. It’s estimated over 90% of all new original content on streaming media networks like Netflix are adapted from graphic novels.

Evans also intends on talking about Hollywood.

“This will not trash celebrities I’ve opened for. However, there will most certainly be some stories about a few agents in the industry,” he adds. “This is about my experiences.”

Evans says he will talk about what it has been like to open for celebrities. He will also talk about his decade long kindship with the late comedians Louie Anderson and Joan Rivers, who he had opened for. He was especially close to comedian Louie Anderson.

“One thing I’ve learned about the rich people I know is that most of them are miserable, but there’s a few who have it together.”

The book will be published this year.

“The promotional campaign around this book will be like no other project I’ve ever done, because I’ll be the one behind it.”

Evans also intends to discuss The Boston Red Sox and his video “At Fenway,” which co-stars Shatner.

The singer is also working on new recordings with his producer, Narada Michael Walden, the Grammy winning producer of Whitney Houston among other superstars.

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Brian Evans & William Shatner in “At Fenway.” It was added to The National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013.

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