Sandra Biskind’s Healing Revolution Tour: Inspiring Transformation in Melbourne July 27

Sandra Biskind’s Healing Revolution Tour: Inspiring Transformation in Melbourne July 27

Healing Revolution Tour

Renowned Fashion Icon and Transformational Speaker, Best Selling Author and Coach, Sandra Biskind, Returns Home with a Mission to End Suffering

Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating deeper imbalances that need our attention. By listening to these messages with empathy and curiosity, we can address core issues and restore harmony within”

— Sandra Biskind

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, July 5, 2024 / — Dame Sandra Biskind, celebrated for her legacy in the fashion industry and now a world-renowned transformational leader, is set to launch her Healing Revolution Tour in New Zealand and Australia with events planned for Auckland, Melbourne and Geelong. This groundbreaking tour marks Sandra’s return to her roots, bringing with her a transformative mission to alleviate suffering.

Sandra, originally from Geelong, Australia, made her mark in the fashion world with the creation of the prestigious Townhouse Boutique on Yarra Street. She rose to prominence as the owner of seven boutiques and her own fashion label, earning the title “Geelong’s Fashion Queen” by local media. Known for her philanthropic efforts, she organized sell out fashion shows that doubled as charity events, raising significant funds for causes including the Geelong Football Club.

After moving to New Zealand 25 years ago with her American husband, Sandra co-founded the world-class Eagles Nest Villa Resort. Now residing in Los Angeles for the past 12 years, she has become a prominent speaker and coach, working with influential figures such as Jack Canfield, executives at the Fortune 500 level, presidential advisors and other transformational leaders. Sandra is also an accomplished author of eight books including 4 international #1 best-sellers and has been a dedicated contributor to personal and spiritual development through various media and live events.

Reflecting on her journey, Sandra said, “My time in fashion in Geelong and Melbourne and in the hospitality industry in New Zealand were dynamic and rewarding chapters, but I always felt a deeper calling. Discovering this revolutionary healing technology five years ago changed my life, and I feel a profound responsibility to share it with the world.”

Sandra’s events in Auckland, Melbourne, and Geelong will feature live inspirational talks and interactive sessions designed to empower participants to take control of their own health and healing through a variety of holistic modalities and personal transformation.

Sandra’s tour begins in Auckland, NZ and continues to Melbourne, Australia on July 27th, followed by dates in Geelong to be announced shortly. Always experiential, attendees can expect a blend of Sandra’s signature charisma and her commitment to ending suffering through innovative solutions.

For more details about the Healing Revolution Tour and to book tickets, visit Sandra’s official website.

About Sandra:

Sandra Biskind is a former fashion industry leader and award winning hospitality leader who is also acclaimed for her innovative and significant contributions in the personal development world. With a career spanning 40 years as a transformational leader and spiritual mentor, Sandra has coached global figures, authored best-selling books, and developed life-changing healing technologies. As a Senior Presidential Director in LifeWave, her current mission focuses on sharing the LifeWave natural healing technology ending suffering through her Healing Revolution Tour, starting in Auckland, New Zealand.

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