ROBERT ABI NADER COUTURE FW25 during Paris Haute Couture Week

Designer Robert Abi Nader crafted transformations and blended elements with a modern vision: Humanizing pictorial elegance.

The integration of natural elements and continuous renewal are two main approaches that designer Robert Abi Nader has cemented in a collection of haute couture fashion brimming with hope, narrating transformations in a modern language, translating impressionist perceptions into feelings, and presenting them for the Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 season.

The collection, inspired by the impressionist art line famous by Dutch painter Vincent Willem van Gogh, is narrated by designer Robert Abi Nader in a contemporary language, driven by his vision for the future. He humanizes it by enhancing meanings and emotions that vary between anger, calmness, hope, optimism, and strength, showcased in 42 (45) pieces ranging from haute couture dresses, suits, jumpsuits, and abayas, in addition to a stunning wedding dress.

Designer Robert Abi Nader weaves the dresses with his personal vision based on presenting women as delicate and strong at the same time, attractive and elegant. This is embodied in body-hugging dress models that add a touch of femininity to the designs, avoiding loose designs to maintain the identity of each body independently, helped by the quality of sensitive and bold fabrics.

 Additionally, Van Gogh's line, based on blending elements in tailoring, is enhanced. He used various cuts in fabric, especially in pants, blouses, or jackets, making the designs look like impressionist paintings, unified in elements and harmonious in details. He used the corset in the collection within several models and dresses, choosing the corset in the chest area from iron, wood, or plastic, and incorporated leather in four pieces as an extension of the previous collection.

Van Gogh's visual vision also appeared in the color palette he adopted, derived from natural conditions. The designs appeared in orange and gold colors, giving the look luxury with its connotations, and the colors "lilac" and "lemon blue," and grassy green, as well as black. Each represents an element of nature with its psychological symbolism, where bright colors show meanings of joy and dedication, radiant colors symbolize light and hope, and life colors like green symbolize resilience and continuity.

The wedding dress, adopted by designer Robert Abi Nader in "off white," was given a part of the personal vision of dream day perceptions by adding luxury to it through golden embroidery. Van Gogh's vision is enhanced in its details, to weave hope and future in an elegant and charming design.

Runway Looks

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Photo: Press Robert Abi Nader

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad