Renowned American Filmmaker and International Recording Artist Launch Global Commercial Production Company

He wrote the book "Video Shooter"

Author Barry Braverman ‘Video Shooter’

Great Visions Realized - Blue Planet Filmworks

Great Visions Realized – Blue Planet Filmworks

American Filmmaker Barry Braverman and International Recording Artist Michael Tinholme Launch Global Commercial Production Company Blue Planet Filmworks

USA, June 28, 2024 / — Founder-renowned American Cinematographer Barry Braverman, widely known for his rich visual storytelling style on numerous feature films, music videos, News and Story television, and a long list of commercials and productions for corporate clients.

Braverman’s clients include HBO, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios, CBS, 60 Minutes, National Geographics, and many others.

Bringing expertise and a legacy of effective story telling in Feature Film, Advertising and Corporate content:

• Television Commercials

• Direct Response

• Promo & Marketing

• Training and Demo

• Medical & Healthcare

• Live Events

• News & Story

“The challenge for companies today is breaking through the noise. The delivery of an effective story and its message is where fortunes can be made or lost.”

– Barry Braverman

Founder-Michael Tinholme has history where the crossroads of technology, the music industry, feature film production and commercial advertising production business converge. Clients include Walt Disney Studios, Disney Imagineering, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Pacific Title, Capital Records, ILM, UCLA Film School and many others.

“Companies now more than ever depend on effective content and messaging to compete and grow their business. We formed Blue Planet Filmworks to be a direct resource for companies and clients who need innovative and dependable production solutions where the story is mission critical. Allowing our clients to side-step middlemen agencies and go direct to a proven resource to tell their story. Our clients have more creative control while maximizing their budgets.”

– Michael Tinholme

Blue Planet Filmworks (BPFW) provides clients access to today’s foremost Directors, Creators and studios Worldwide!

BPFW provides Virtual Reality (VR) and Animated Reality (AR) Production solutions and consulting worldwide!

From Concept to Production to Editorial and Post, Blue Planet Filmworks offers State of the Art in Craft and Technology.

Blue Planet Filmworks Academy

Training and Consulting for:

• Corporate End Users

• In House Production Teams

• Feature Production Studios

• Post Houses

• Broadcasters

• Producers and Directors and DP’s

• Colleges, Universities, and Educators Worldwide!

Barry Braverman is also an educator and Leading Technology Consultant to the major film studios in Hollywood, New York and London. With regular master classes at London Film School and NYU.

“We formed BPFW to be a direct resource for companies and clients who need innovative and dependable proven production solutions where the story is mission critical.”

– Barry Braverman




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