Random Media Proudly Announces Worldwide Digital Debut of ALOHA ALSO MEANS GOODBYE film – Beginning June 25


Still 1 (Alice & Taylor) – Aloha Also Means Goodbye

Still 2 (Alice & Taylor.Vertical) – Aloha Also Means Goodbye

Still 3 (Alice & Taylor) – Aloha Also Means Goodbye

Soulful Romantic Journey of What-Could-Have-Been and What-Could-Still-Be

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Random Media and Aloha Avenue Productions proudly announce the debut of director Bryden Landos’ award-winning romantic drama ALOHA ALSO MEANS GOODBYE, to VOD (video on Demand) streaming platforms, beginning June 25, 2024. Filmed amidst the beauty of Hawaii, the picturesque feature tells the story of lost love and life’s choices as a young mother re-discovers lost love, when unexpectedly re-united through a business trip to Maui. A soulful journey of what-could-have-been and what-could-still-be, the film is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of missed opportunities and the weight of life’s decisions, set against the captivating backdrop of the islands.

An Official Selection at the Maui Film Festival, ALOHA ALSO MEANS GOODBYE stars Stephanie Lynn as Alice Monrow and Evan Gamble as Taylor Hargrove and is the first film collaboration of director Bryden Lando and Stephanie Lynn (Lando) who co-created and wrote.

TRAILER: YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/m-KpX4F8d8E

VIMEO Downloadable: https://vimeo.com/907265254

LOGLINE: When in Maui, Alice unexpectedly reunites with her lost love, and a soulful island journey ignites thoughts of what-could-have-been, or what-could-still-be.


In Hawaii for work, Alice Monrow, a pharmaceutical rep, faces a strained marriage and buried regrets of a past fling with Taylor Hargrove. Their brief affair, a decade ago, left an imprint she can’t shake. Faced with a few conference-free days, Alice seeks closure at Taylor’s former workplace, only to run into him unexpectedly. Taylor’s invitation to finally show her Hawaii reignites old sparks, and despite initial hesitation, Alice embarks on a journey to rediscover lost love. As they traverse Maui’s breathtaking landscapes, unresolved emotions surface, forcing Alice to confront her life choices. Balancing her family and the allure of what-could-have-been, she grapples with unspoken desires and the paths left unexplored. Their time together becomes a poignant exploration of missed opportunities and the weight of decisions, set against the captivating backdrop of Hawaii. Amidst the rekindled connection, Alice navigates the complex interplay of longing, responsibility, and the alluring prospect of rewriting her life’s narrative, questioning whether some loves truly fade or simply lie dormant, waiting for the right moment to reignite.


BRYDEN LANDO- Director and writer – Shooting the film was a homecoming for Lando as he grew up in Maui where he began painting and illustrating as a young child. Contrary to the stereotypical, laid-back reputation of island living, growing up on Maui did anything but mellow out Lando’s creative drive. A multidisciplinary artist, Lando is a filmmaker, painter, photographer, and fashion designer. Since 2005, he has owned, operated, and designed multiple premium clothing brands, as well as run his own private label manufacturing business. Having studied film at college in Santa Barbara, Lando continually shot most of the photo and video content for his brands and various creative projects throughout the years. This film is his first narrative feature length film and is a love letter to the beautiful state that shaped him.

STEPHANIE LYNN (LANDO) (portrays Alice Monrow/Co-Writer) – An actress, screenwriter, singer, and producer, Lando who grew up in Montpelier, Vermont and got her BA at the University of Pennsylvania. Stephanie studied acting and screenwriting then went on to pursue a career in TV/film in New York City and later Los Angeles. Stephanie co-wrote and starred in romantic comedy, Soulmate(s) – produced by Mandalay Pictures (Sleepy Hollow, Enemy At The Gates) and Argent Pictures (Hacksaw Ridge, American Made). Stephanie has had Guest Starring roles including CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and NBC’s Castle. Stephanie has also had an extensive commercial acting career, including a starring role singing and running across the country in national Nike campaign “I Would Run to You”. She co-wrote and starred in Aloha Also Means Goodbye, which premiered at the Maui Film Festival.

EVAN GAMBLE (portrays Taylor Hargrove) – An actor and musician, Gamble hails from Houston, Texas. He has been acting in television and film for nearly 20 years. He’s recurred in shows like FEAR THE WALKING DEAD and VAMPIRE DIARIES. He’s also made appearances in MAD MEN, FBI, ACCUSED, CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS, and many others. Evan also has played and written music for most of his life. He’s performed numerous times at the SXSW music festival and had one of his songs featured in THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.

Aloha Also Means Goodbye is the first feature film that Bryden Lando and Stephanie Lynn (Lando) co-created and co-wrote together. They were married in Maui shortly before wrapping principal photography of the film, so this is an especially special project for them.


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Released By/Studio: Random Media

Production Company: Aloha Avenue Productions

Director: Bryden Lando

Writers: Stephanie Lynn, Bryden Lando

Producers: Stephanie Lynn, Bryden Lando, Bill Dawes

Starring: Stephanie Lynn, Evan Gamble, Gaia Golden, Ryan Rottman, Bill Dawes

Cinematography: Bryden Lando, Jordan Nagasako (drone cinematography)

Editor: Bryden Lando, Rommel Villa

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Genre: Drama, Romance

Suggested Rating: TV-PG

Availability/Price: Video on Demand/VOD release is available on major platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Vimeo on Demand, GooglePlay and more. Price varies by format, own-rent option and platform.



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