Patricia A. David Echoes Her Faith Through Verses in Hear the Knock to Open Hearts

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 / — In collaboration with PageTurner Press and Media, Patricia A. David presents a rich tapestry of emotions and insights, masterfully conveyed through her adept use of language and poetic form in Hear the Knock.

Designed to spread the joy of the Lord and foster fellowship among believers, Hear the Knock delivers simple yet impactful messages that reflect David’s deep faith and love for her community. She captures the spectrum of human experiences—from joy and love to sorrow and loss—offering readers a mirror to reflect on their own lives through her words.

At the heart of the book lies the metaphor of hearing a knock, symbolizing a spiritual awakening and the quest for eternal truths. Drawing inspiration from Revelation 3:20, David emphasizes the importance of welcoming the divine presence into one’s life. Hear the Knock encourages readers to seek a closer relationship with God, finding comfort and purpose through faith.

“The resolve that the Lord has to fill the empty vessel that is a man and make each one whole again is unrivaled. God’s love and faithfulness to mankind are awaiting reciprocation, and through the Word, David provides a pathway to that sweet salvation in a clear and succinct manner,” Mihir Shah articulates in a review published in The US Review of Books.

David urges her readers to answer Christ’s call as she writes, “Jesus is waiting patiently just outside your heart’s door. Don’t let Him stand there alone anymore. He longs for you to invite Him inside, so that eternally you both can abide.”

Mihir Shah commended Hear the Knock stating, “The work is a crystal-clear ode to Christ’s love, which teaches the reader how to rid oneself of Satan and sin. Using this seamless poetic style, David paints a simple picture for readers: right now, in this material world, humanity sees from behind a veil, but as noted in “Life’s Last Bend,” coming face-to-face with the Lord is an inevitability that should be cherished and one that should guide every decision on earth.’

To boot, David “provides an opportunity for readers to be exposed to the Word, the truest way to inner and absolute peace.”

She enlightens us with these verses from her poems, “An empty vessel we come to Christ, not able to save ourselves. Knowing we have been Satan’s slaves, leaving our Bible dusty on its shelves. The only real joy that’s lasting is if in God’s Word we stay. Search the safety of God’s love, don’t wait another day.”

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