New York Times Square Celebrates Literary Brilliance in a Diverse Showcase of Five Remarkable Books

Inspiration for Daily Life

Every day with Jesus Devotional

The Year of Five Emperors: Part 1: Pertinax

The Year of Five Emperors: Part 2: Severus

Christmas Stories And More by E.C.

Explore A Literary Extravaganza Featuring Spiritual Poetry, Historical Intrigue, and Heartfelt Reflections in Time Square

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 28, 2024 / — In the bustling heart of New York City, an extraordinary celebration of literature takes place. Amidst the flashing lights and towering billboards, five exceptional books authored by three talented writers are capturing the attention of thousands. This literary showcase brings together an inspiring collection of poetry, historical intrigue, and reflective storytelling, offering readers a diverse and enriching experience.

Shirley Howard emerges as a beacon of spiritual guidance with her two profound books that delve into themes of faith and daily inspiration. These works offer a blend of poetry and devotional reflection, providing spiritual nourishment and encouragement for daily living.

“Inspiration for Daily Life” is a beautifully crafted collection of poems that serve as daily prayers to God. Each poem is designed to offer solace, encouragement, and insight to the reader, revealing the love, grace, peace, salvation, and blessings of God through faith and hope. Howard’s poetic prayers are a source of comfort and strength, inviting readers to explore their spirituality and deepen their faith. Each poem concludes with thought-provoking words of wisdom, encouraging readers to reflect and meditate on the deeper meanings of life and spirituality. This book is a perfect companion for those seeking daily inspiration and a closer connection with God.

In tandem with her poetry collection, Shirley Howard’s “Everyday with Jesus: God Loves and Cares for You” offers a journal format that guides readers through daily reflections on the Lord. This devotional journal is filled with daily scriptures, prayers, and meditations that help readers recognize God’s presence and guidance in their everyday lives.

Through this journal, readers are encouraged to open their hearts and minds to God’s Word, allowing it to guide and keep them. The daily devotions are designed to foster a sense of peace and purpose, helping readers to see a brighter future and find forgiveness for their past.

The profound impact of this devotional journal is echoed in the heartfelt testimonials of its readers. Mrs. Virginia Hall shares, “I love to start my day with my mind on the Lord. Reading this daily journal has helped me realize God’s presence when you dive into His Word. Opening your heart and mind, letting God’s Word guide and keep you. You can see a brighter future and forgiveness for your past. No way His word will leave you void. Thanks, Shirley, for allowing me to enjoy and go on this journey with you.”

Together, these two books by Shirley Howard offer a comprehensive spiritual toolkit for readers seeking to deepen their faith and find daily inspiration. “Inspiration for Daily Life” provides poetic prayers that uplift and enlighten, while “Everyday with Jesus: God Loves and Cares for You” offers structured daily reflections that guide readers on a journey of spiritual growth and discovery.

Robert Eckert transports readers to the tumultuous period of ancient Rome with his historical series, The Year of Five Emperors. In Part 1: Pertinax and Part 2: Severus, Eckert masterfully narrates the chaotic aftermath of Emperor Commodus’s death and the fierce struggle for succession. The series introduces various contenders for the throne, including the capable bureaucrat Pertinax, the wealthy Didius Julianus, the ancient-family descendant Clodius Albinus, the forceful Septimius Severus, and the adored Pescennius Niger.

These books explore the chaotic aftermath of the death of the vicious Emperor Commodus, whose reign of terror ends after one cruelty too many. As Rome faces the question of succession, Eckert masterfully navigates the political machinations and power struggles that ensue. From the Senate’s election of the capable bureaucrat Pertinax to the Praetorians’ preference for the wealthy Didius Julianus, the narrative delves into the complexities of a Rome in turmoil.

The series further examines the claims of Clodius Albinus, with his ancient imperial ties, and the blunt military strength of Septimius Severus, supported by a significant branch of the army. Meanwhile, the common people’s adoration for the humble Pescennius Niger adds another layer of tension. As rival gods vie for the people’s loyalties, the household of Tullius Secundus, an old-school Senator, struggles to find happiness and love amidst the upheaval. With meticulous historical detail and compelling storytelling, Eckert’s “The Year of Five Emperors” offers readers a captivating glimpse into a pivotal year in Roman history. The meticulous historical detail and compelling storytelling make this series a captivating read for history enthusiasts and fiction lovers alike.

Lastly, Eugene St. Martin offers a heartwarming exploration of the true essence of Christmas and the joy of tennis in his book, Christmas Stories and More by E.C. This book chronicles the annual reflections of E.C., a dedicated groundskeeper who seeks to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Every year, amidst the holiday pressures, E.C. steps back to contemplate what Christmas truly represents in his life, crafting stories that capture his insights and revelations. This collection, spanning several years, offers a profound exploration of the holiday’s essence, blending personal narrative with universal themes of meaning and purpose.

In addition to his reflections on Christmas, E.C.’s journey extends to his work in the field of tennis. As a caretaker of tennis courts and an avid player and teacher, E.C. intertwines his experiences on the court with his quest for life’s deeper meanings. Through his stories and accompanying photographs, E.C. highlights the values and priorities that shape his life, hoping to inspire readers to discern what is truly important in their own lives. “Christmas Stories and More by E.C.” is not only a celebration of the holiday season but also a guide to finding one’s path, purpose, and meaning in life.

These five books, now prominently featured in Times Square, represent a celebration of literary diversity and brilliance. From spiritual guidance and historical adventures to personal reflections, these works promise to inspire, enlighten, and captivate readers from all walks of life. This showcase not only highlights the unique voices of Shirley Howard, Robert Eckert, and Eugene St. Martin also underscores the timeless power of literature to touch hearts and transform minds. As these literary gems light up Times Square, they beckon to all who seek the magic and wisdom found within their pages.

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